Food Festival at Obi's School

We just had Food Festival  at Obi's UPK. 
It was an annual gathering of all the parents and the kids as well as the teachers at the UPK. And since we all are coming from different parts of the world, it was indeed a great opportunity to know more about our friends' cultures.

Lots of great food were served during that time. And from many parts of the world.
We have Bengali sweets, cheese puffs from Colombia, different types of biscuits, macaroni schootel, caramel pudding, vegetable samosa, Indonesia fried noodles and sooooo many more! 

some of the food we of the three tables filled with yummy food :)

Too bad I didn't really catch all the names of those glorious food :)
But you can imagine how fun it was!

It was breifly started by Ms. Linly's remarks welcoming everyone. Then we all sat in those tiny colorful chairs and started distributing food for everyone.
When us, the parents, arrived, the kids already got their beautiful plates filled with the food of their choices. 

Big laughters were certainly heard here and there as we enjoyed the food and chitchat among teachers, kids, and parents.

Obi enjoying the chips, despite all the yummy food we had :)

We discussed a lot about the food being served. It was fun to discuss the traditional food, the way they were  cooked and how delicious they were. We had fun discussing about our childhood backhome as well. How I miss my home town :).

The kids were having fun, too. They ate a lot, chatted a lot and asked a lot about this and that. They certainly loved to have their parents around among friends :).

cheeers...Obi with Tatiana, Rowan, and Tina

One month before this gathering, parents were asked to fill the form, informing what we would bring and we needed to write down the ingredients as well to ensure those food were safe for the kids. We didn't need an allergy attack while enjoying this fun time...

who wants some moreee...
I decided to bring Indonesian fried noodles, garnished with carrots, sweet corns, green peas, and eggs. I was glad the kids loves it! I brought two big packs of it and all gone. Obi loved it and so did her friends :).

After enjoying our early lunch, the kids were having one game together and dancing to the music.

They asked the parents to join the dance, too!...

It was indeed a fun day for all of us...
And I love to see those happy faces at school!
Hope they will have more gathering like this soon :).


  1. Enaknya..makanannya melimpah, pasti senang kalo bicara makanan alamat diet gagal terus,,,,

  2. waw..menyenangkan sekali acaranya.....

    makanannya banyak bgt

  3. Uhuu pasti nyenengin bgt acaranya .... Bisa icip2 aneka makanan

  4. Lamaaaaaa banget gak ke sini udah ganti tampilan dan fressssss banget Mak Indah....

  5. How fun! What a great way to get kids to try new foods.

  6. That does look great! How cool to get the families involved.

  7. Pasti acaranya seru. Festival yang pas buat anak-anak, selain bisa untuk sarana belajar juga bisa membuat happy

  8. That's a really fun event to bring the students and parents together! And a great way to sample foods they may not have tried before. Your dish sounded excellent!

  9. Hahaaaa jadi tau cemilan anak sekolah Amrik. Salut ya mak, di Amrik yg sedemikian maju parents selalu dilibatkan. Salut padamu juga yg selalu berusaha dtg ke sekolah anak2. Kiss Obie

  10. Ini surgaaa namanya....hihiii byk cemilan sambil kenalan

  11. nyaaamm... nyaaamm... Obii minta boleh, gaaak? :)


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