Randal Island in a glimpse...

A quick stop at Randall Island, Manhattan on one lovely afternoon...

Just before the weather got colder and windier again here. 
And it's almost the end of March :)

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the beautiful sky from every corner of the world:)


  1. Nice photo, you really captured a chilly spring day. I love the clouds and the light.

  2. A wonderful photo, such a nice addition to the link.

  3. loh kok aku ketinggalan banyak postingan mama bo ya. Di blog list aku gak ada postingan baru hiks

    1. mak, kayaknya yang difollow itu bloglama indahnnuria.blogspot.com, makanya banyak updates yang ngg masuk karena aku dah pindah ke indahnuria.com hehehe

  4. Indah banget tempatnya. Huhuhu, kapan bisa ke jalan-jalan ke luar ya? Mupeng

  5. It reminds me of two hands reaching for each other. That's pretty cool!

  6. We had a few warm days, but it's back to cold again. I am so ready to it to be warm and stay that way!

  7. What a beautiful pics, Mbak.. :D

  8. Subhanallah...ranting dan awan itu....


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