Good morning, good morning to you...

Everyday,  after waking up and sleepily walking to the living room, Obi will say good morning to every one of us.

Yup, every one of us in the house :).
Well, she usually wakes up happy and in a good mood. My baby girl...

Lately, she has one favorite song she likes to sing for all of us.
She learned it at her pre-K and loves it so much.

The lyrics go like this:
"Good morning,  good morning, good morning to you...
Our day is just beginning. .
So much to do ..."

She sings that again and again and even asks us to sing along. 

Like this morning...fresh from her bed, she just walked towards me and sang the song while scrubbing her half-closed eyes. Then she wanted me to sing together with her :).
So cute...

She was even more than happy when I recorded that in my smartphone :)

I like the way she sings that and encourages others to sing it, too.

Well, our love for singing is indeed running in the family. Karaoke junkie is my family's middle name and whenever we have big family gathering, singing will undoubtedly be part of it, be it in a karaoke, wedding, new year, or simply a weekend visit. And tell you what, the singing will go on and on and on until we have to call it a day or the kids get tired. 

at the Kelagian kecil island...

With lots of food, the day will certainly be longer :).

Well, I miss my big family crazy, fun time :).
Such a simple love and happiness that will always warm your heart...

How about you, people? What do you usually do with your big family?


  1. Aku jg suka nyanyi sekeluarga trus joget2 ngga jelas gitu...hehe...anakku yg paling besar lg demen lagu2 jadul sama deh kyk emaknya yg vintage inih...kita nyanyi2 the best that you can do is fall inlove :)

  2. Di rumahku cuma satu adikku yang jago nyanyi. Sisanya pada sumbang, alias fals. hahaha.... kalau ada yang nyanyi, yang lain nyuruh berhenti hehehe. Biasanya ngobrol ngalor ngidul sambil bercanda.

  3. hmmmm.... what a looong story that I will tell you. Someday.

  4. hmmmm.... what a looong story that I will tell you. Someday.

  5. She is so sweet. My family is so small, but we always manage to have fun!

  6. I remember my girls singing that song too! She is so adorable singing it! Good Morning Obi!

  7. Aku jarang karaoke tapi suka sih. Ingin ajak Vay karaokean juga nih sering2... Di rumah kurang lengkap alat-alatnya hehee..

  8. Sama banget mba...ini ankku jg seneng, nyanyi2 sambil goyang dan maksa maminya utk ikutan :D . Yg psti sih kalo lg ga ngantor, aku srgnya traveling ama keluarga... tiap thn kita pasti nyisihin waktu utk itu :) ..Sekalian ngajarin si kecil ngeliat dunia :D

    1. iya. traveling bareng juga seruuu...pasti heboh :)

  9. nyanyi-nyanyi sama keluarga memang seru, Mak ^_^

  10. Someday, saya juga pengen spending waktu bersama keluarga dan sambil nyanyi-nyanyi. Sejauh ini, spending time kami wisata kuliner di sekitaran yogya krn anak yg pertama dan kedua tinggal di asrama dan hanya dpt libur sebulan sekali

    1. nanti waktunya akan tiba bisa stay bareng anak-anak maaak :)

  11. Good morning too, Dek Obiiiii :D

  12. She's like me in the morning. I sing, and my boys say, "Mom stop it. Enough already." LOL

    I love her good morning song.

  13. Keluarga ku ngak ada yg demen nyanyi, cuman gw doang yg suka teriak2 hehehe

  14. kalo suntuk biasanya aku karaoke, tapi bisa dihitung sih mak 1 tahun cuma 1 kali hahahaha


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