Bo et Obi's Story: Presentation of Travel Brochure

Bo has just presented his second travel brochures...

Bo et Ms. Machado
As part of the project at school, Bo was preparing travel brochure. They were studying about different parts of the world in Social Studies. Last fall, they discussed about Africa, so Bo decided to make Egypt as the country he would be promoting. 

This winter, they learned about Asia, so definitely, Bo was so excited to talk about Indonesia. It was soooo much fun indeed :). Although they only studied about China, Japan and India, but Bo chose his homeland for this project :).

Kali ini, sebagai bagian dari pelajaran Social Studies, Bo mempelajari negara-negara yang ada di Asia, seperti China, Jepang dan India. Seperti sebelumnya, selesai mempelajari negara-negara tersebut dengan segala details, informasi dan pengetahuan baru, mereka diminta untuk memilih satu negara di kawasan tersebut untuk dijadikan brosur perjalanan. As simple as that, tapi tugas sekolah ini benar-benar seruuuu lho..anak-anak jadi belajar tentang negara-negara tersebut dengan lebih dekat, mulai dari bendera, lagu kebangsaan, jumlah propinsi bahasa, dan budaya lokal yang menjadi kekayaan khas negara tersebut. Belum lagi tempat-tempat cantik yang menjadi tujuan wisata. Pokoknya seru dan fun :). Dan untuk tugas kali ini, Bo memilih Indonesia. Yaaaay ...

Bo was taking his time working on it and the brochure looks nice :). 

It took around 3 days to make it, starting from getting the information, choosing the photos, writing, decorating, and coloring it. He got this list of questions and points he would get if  he got those elements on his brochure.

He used a lot of photos, including our own photos, showing our beautiful homeland, Lampung. Bo was even on some of the photos, especially those on beautiful beaches  :).

Bo was showing activities that people can do and enjoy in Indonesia, beside some basic facts and interesting information about our country :). Like how many Islands Indonesia has and how many traditional tribes we have.

I guess he wrote about enjoying the natural beauty of Indonesia, embracing the rich culture, experiencing the culinary wonders and shopping! Yuuup.. Shopping :). I don't know where he got the idea but I guess watching me coming home with those colorful shopping bags clearly shown that Indonesia is a shopping paradise :).

So, he finally finished the brochure during the mid-winter recess. 

Wanna see his work ? 

be careful...

we also had the Lampungnese dance and wayang :)

And last week, parents (and grandparents ;)) were invited to come to the class and saw the children's presentation on their works. 

I managed to come and watches the whole presentations. It was great for sure! 

It was briefly opened by a short video showing every kids introducing the name of the country that they would be introducing to the class. 

Then they made a short speech about the  country and the goals they have accomplished by making a travel brochure. 

This is Bo and his group before the presentation.

getting ready...

And I made a short video of Bo's presentation as well ;). 

After the presentation,  we even had one girl performed an Indian dancing in front of the class. Then everyone had the time to go around the class and talked to  the kids about their works. We could also write some comments and compliments about the brochure. For about one hour, we finished the program and the kids continued their studies. 

I really like this program and Ms. Machado, Bo's teacher, has planned to have one more when they study about Europe.

I love the fact that kids get creative and brave to present their work in front of the class. Way to go, kiddos...

Last fall, Bo was working on Egypt travel brochure when they studies about Africa. I didn't get a chance to write it down here but I guess I can put it here together ;). 

preparing for the first brochure...

It was a great experience as well for Bo :). And for us, it was like reminiscing of our trip to this Land of the Pharaohs...Such a great memory!

the photos used for Bo's brochure..most of them were taken from our trip....

And the final product is this:

Here were some of the photos from last fall's presentation....


Bo's friend's work...

colorful :)

How about your kids? 
I bet they have many interesting school projects as well..


  1. Bener2 Indonesia sejati ya Bo...apapun yg terjadi tetep memilih Indonesia..dan mengenalkan pada dunia....

  2. Nice work Bo ... thanks for intruducing our beloved country to your friends ;)

  3. waaa... kayaknya saya boleh, ya, nyontek idenya. Buat berkreasi sama anak-anak :)

  4. Kreatif banget si Bo!!! Great job boy!! :)

  5. Kreatif banget ya sampe bikin seperti ini.
    Klo anak-anak di sekolah ya cuma diminta menghafal aja yg umum2 nama negara, bendera, lagu kebangsaan.

    1. Itulah mba...sebenarnya banyak cara untuk menikmati pelajaran ya..

  6. Wah...anak pinter nih si Bo! Hebat... Aku paling suka sama anak kreatif...apa mungkin ini pengaruh pendidikan di LN atau bimbingan dari mamanya nih? Senagnya ya Mbak Indah punya anak pintar dan kreatif kayak si Bo... Nice boy, Bo!

    1. makasih mbaaa...yang penting semangat dan mau berusaha kreatif mba :)

  7. Wow,,Bo yang kreatif,Indonesia the true paradise,,sepertinya pendidikan di sana bagus sekali ya mba,,menuntut kreativitas anak,,jd si anak bnr2 tau apa yg dipelajari dn dikerjakan,,
    good job, Bo,,

    1. memang situasi belajar dikondisikan agar anak-anak bisa kreatif dan semangat belajar...semoga semua anak-anak punya kesempatan untuk bisa kreatif :)

  8. What a fun project! I love all the pictures.

  9. Very nice and interesting travel brochure, good job!

  10. The brochure looks amazing! Such great work! And he did a fabulous job on the presentation too!

    1. thanks Theresa...he's really preparing himself for this project :)

  11. Good job, Bo. Tunjukin pada mereka indahnya Indonesiaaaaa :D

  12. Haaa great presentation. I bet they would love Indonesia instantly. Thank you Bo :)


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