#Bo-et-Obi@NYC: Astoria Park's Eagle...

I have been wanting to share this photos for some times
And it has been staying in my draft for too long :)

I have to admit, these photos were taken on those last warm days before winter is coming..
And we do miss those warm days..
I know...Spring is just around the corner :)
Can't wait...

Aaand, as the temperature in New York is again nose-diving to minus double-digit, let's 'torture' ourselves with these oh-so-warm photos taken in Astoria Park, just two blocks from our house.

Stretching out from the Southern part of Triborough Bridge to the northern part of Hell Gate Bridge, Astoria Park surely has cast its charm spell to everyone. Come down here and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic background of Mid-town Manhattan.

Well, we keep coming back..and it's even more beautiful in winter :)

But on our previous trip, we found this mural on one of its walls.

Then you know what's next :)...
cheers from Astoria Park...

Bo was wearing Hard Rock Cafe NY kids' t-shirt, Oshkosh B-gosh short pants and Nike shoes

the mural..

shy Obi..with a tick on her hand :)

Obi was wearing Disney's princess series, Circo's purple frills skirt by Target, floral pants by Oshkosh B'gosh and Geox shoes.

So once again...wishing you all a great day...

Join us on skywatch Friday :)


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful bridge. I love!

  2. That is a really neat mural! Very fitting to be in NY!

  3. Handsome Bo :)) Just like cover boy in magazine :))

  4. That mural fits the city well. The kids look like they are models for a fashion magazine.


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