Bo et Obi's Story: Photographer for a day

If there are two things that our family enjoy so much, perhaps that would be traveling and taking pictures :). Well, we do have a long list of favorite family activities but these two will certainly be staying on top of the list.

And now, Bo is really enjoying taking pictures wherever and whenever we go...

Walaupun frekuensi perjalanan kami tidak sesering dulu, tapi setiap ada kesempatan untuk keluar dan hunting foto, Bo pasti ikut sibuk. Ya sibuk disuruh jadi model (sama mamanya yang agak-agak obsessive ini :)), maupun sibuk mau foto juga.

While visiting Silvermine lake last month to see the fall foliage, Bo successfully hostaged my camera and freely took pictures of whatever he liked :).

He seemed to enjoy taking pictures here and there, leaving me and Udi behind sometimes...

taking picture of the lake...
And he never have to worry about the having someone posing for him, because Obi (and mama :)) was more than happy to be the model :)

Say cheers deeeeek :)

On that day, together with Bapak, Bo was having fun taking pictures of Obi :)

Mama stood ready too :)...

One of Bo's pics :)
It was surely fun!

Well, it didn't surprise us to know Bo was developing this hobby at one point of time. I just noticed that Bo has shown some interests since a tender age of 3 :). 
Beneraaan deh...di beberapa frame foto kami, banyak gaya Bo yang lagi sibuk dengan kamera, mulai dari kamera HP :), salah satunya ini :)

At the La Alhambra, back in 2010, and Bo with my cellphone camera ;0)
our picture in Pahawang island, Lampung, 2011..taken by Bo..

Well, more than happy to welcome Bo to the club :)
Tinggal minta diajarin Bapak aja lagi ya Bang...sementara mama dan Obi siap bergaya dan difoto hehehe...


  1. Oh jd mama nya obsesi nya jadi model ??? #GagalFokus hua hua. Eh keren yaa hasil jepretan sikecil ;-)

    1. Huahahaaa...ngg kali om Cumiiiii....obsessed anak nya jadi model, bukan mamayaaaa hehehe

  2. Cieeee.. Obi jadi modelnya nih yeee.. Wkwkwk :D

  3. uwaaaa ngopy mamanya nih kayaknya hehe,keren bangettt...hasilnya juga oke bangett^^

  4. That is so great he is developing a passion for something as beautiful as photography at such a young age! And that's wonderful you don't have to invest a ton of money in a professional to take your pic. He seems to be doing a good job for you :)

    1. that's true runs in our family I guess :) and we're quite lucky that we got everything we need so far :)

  5. wih jago motret ya mau donk dipotret juga hehehe

  6. That's good he likes taking photos. I've tried with my sons. They take them, but I'm 1/2 cropped off.

  7. Nice photos, I love this little photographer !!


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