And the holiday starts here....


It's been a few days after winter recess officially started :). Blame me for enjoying holiday doing nothing but spending some times with Bo et Obi :p. So, holiday starts hereeee...

happy holiday dearest friends..

As the 23rd of December was the last day for Bo et Obi's school, they have around 2 weeks before coming back to school on January 5th, 2015.

The first day of the holiday break, we, Bo and I, spent some time at my clinic for my 5th chemo. Yuuup, it was a cold morning on the Dec 24 that we had our afternoon at NYU Clinical Cancer Center. 

otw to my clinic :)

It was a looong least for Bo, as I'm so used to it now. But he was sooo happy with the hot chocolate they served from the machine here :). He made two cups that day...

facetime with Bapak et Obi, while enjoying his second hot choco :)

But being a good-natured boy as always, Bo was quite happy accompanying me getting my blood drawn and waiting for the results, consulting doctors, and finally getting my infusion.

We finished at around 4 pm that day. It was surprisingly longer than usual, but I was so glad it finally over. Because with all the taxol, herceptin as well as pre-medication they gave me, I ended sleeping all the way back home and till late that evening. I was pretty washed up after the chemo but have a much better day afterwards.

Then the next day was Christmas. Well, we don't celebrate christmas but we surely respect those who are celebrating it. We exchanged gifts with neighbors, friends and colleagues, including my dearest doctors and nurses as the clinic. Then, we decided to go to Manhattan taking the subway.  It was the perfect time to go out as the weather was nice and slightly warm as well.

selfie in the subway? why not...

Destination: Rockefeller center :)

You  know why? Because they will have the Christmas Spectacular Show (at night though) and that famous huge xmas tree was there as well.   

red, red, red..

Taking the N line, we went straight ahead to the 49th st and walked to the Plaza. Along the way, the crowds were flocking and taking pictures in those giants xmas decoration dotting along the 5th avenue. 

It was surely merry :).

Bo et Obi, posing after throwing some coins to the pond :)

We passed the Radio City Music Hall as well. Many had gathered here for the show tonight. Well, not for us though, as I know it would be too late for the kids and I could imagine how cranky they could be.

Other feast to my eyes were the beautiful display of the shops. Some of them were sooo meticulously breathtaking :).

say hi to Ms. Saks 5th Avenue :)

love the birds :)

Moving forward, we finally arrived at the Rockefeller Center. Boy, what a crowd! For sure we're not the only one spending that beautiful day outside :). It took a while to get a spot and take picture around that busy ice skating ring and the giant christmas tree. 

The giant christmas tree...

looks like a great fun skating down here...

No need to mention how we wiggled our ways from this bumper-to-bumper situation :). That giant tree is really attracting everyone's attention. I just remembered Kevin McCallister (remember Home Alone 2? :p) meeting his mom here after being lost for a while. Famous tree, indeed :).

Getting ready for the Xmas Concert and it was only 2 pm...

I really like the nutcrackers, or more like the band members to me :). Their uniform were so colorful.

Many angels were playing their tunes as least in our heads :).

angels in glamourous white...

Then ..after squeezing ourselves for a while on the way near and around the Center, we decided to we couldn't miss the street vendor, of course. Sweet smell of roasted walnuts, giant pretzels and savory hints of the hot dog and kish kebab really filled the air. 

want some? :)

Obi just couldn't resist the cute giant pretzels :). And I could say she almost had it all by herself. Hungry little girl..

Bon appetite, Obi :)

We finally had our dinner at Chinatown that evening :). 
So, that's our little adventure at the beginning of winter break.
How about you? 


  1. We have one more week of winter break too. It looks like you had a lot of fun on Christmas. I am glad you were feeling well enough to enjoy yourself on Christmas day.

    1. thanks was abeautiful day and we're all in good health! Happy holiday to you and your loved ones..

  2. happy holiday ya mak, seru banget keliatannya...liat foto2 cantiknya :)

    1. makasih maaak./...selamat liburan juga yaaa...ini liburan murah meriah jalan-jalan doang hehehe..

  3. Seru liburannya ya..

    Senang liat mba Indah tetap ceria ..

    1. makasiiih maaak....pokoknya semangat dan bersyukuuur :)..selamat liburan juga yaaa

  4. liburannya seru banget mak, pengen ikutan juga nih... :)

  5. Mbakku... maaf, kamu mengidap apakah sampai sudah 5x chemo? Aku telat beritanya. Semoga cepat pulih yaaa.....

    Selamat berlibur.... :)

  6. ABang Booo aku minta dong hot chocolatenya

  7. I love how you still have a smile on your face, even after the chemo. Such a strong lady you are :)

    What a fun adventure! I have always wanted to go to NY during Christmastime, so this was a fun little walk through for me. I love how festive everything looks, though I could surely do without that huge crowd!

  8. We were in NYC over Thanksgiving and the decorations down there are truly gorgeous.

  9. Yang merah-merah kayak buah ceri, Mbak. Jadi pengen nyomot. Huahahah :D


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