WW: costume time...

Although we didn't really celebrate Halloween, but it's good to observe what others have that day :), including their home decoration :)

Obi is Ms. Snow White at her UPK :)

getting ready to welcome people...

just love the decor...

trick or treat...

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  1. Awww, the kids costumes are great. I love them!

  2. A big aww from me too don't they look cute sooo spookytastic heheh!

  3. Yes, they spent much fun, beautiful costumes!

  4. It looks like you observed the holiday to me. To me Halloween is just about dressing up as something other than yourself, and having fun. It doesn't have to be spooky and dark, or it can be.

    I love your costumes.

    All holidays are based on ones interpretation anyhow.

  5. terpesona sama imutnya Obi ^_^
    so cute, litle girl ...

  6. Such a cute snow white!
    Nitip colekin pipinya yaaa... :)

  7. You all look great in your costumes! And how sweet to let the kids participate. I bet they enjoyed playing dress up for a day!

  8. Obi.. Kebangetan kamu imutnya, Deeeeek! :D


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