True blue...

Nothing makes me calmer than looking at the blue sky after taking a full subway ride to the office :)...

True, I love you...

Join us on Skywatch Friday...


  1. Keep fighting, and I'll try to stop by more often.

  2. pengen berdiri disitu juga mak,,dengan gaya narsis dan berfoto,,,

  3. I find a blue sky calming too. Throw in those puffy clouds and it's so mesmerizing!

    1. i can imagine being up there in those fluffy clouds :)

  4. Yes indeed! True blue. I like your composition. The lamp thingies looking down have me thinking of bug eyes. :-)

  5. Terang tapi teduh... bikin adem :)

  6. This sounds crazy, but I sort of miss the subway. When I lived in Atlanta, GA I took the subway everywhere. Here the city isn't big enough for a subway. Even Kansas City, which is 2 1/2 hours away doesn't have a subway. It's bigger than the city I live in. I enjoyed not having to drive.

    It however did take longer. Once I saw a poor older lady get pushed down by a young idiot man. I felt for her. There were other men who jumped to assist her. I stayed out of the way. I didn't want to be the next to get pushed down. It would have been different if those other helpers weren't there.

    Here I can drive just about anywhere I need to go in 25 min. That's not too bad.

  7. Birunyaaaaa... meneduhkan sekali...

  8. I love NYC! My hubby and I will be down there for Thanksgiving and I am so excited to get back down there.

  9. I love the composition with a great frame, nice photo!

  10. di bawah langiti ini kita hanyalah manusia kecil yang tanpa arti, dan hanya bisa bersimpuh pada Sang Maha Pencipta Untuk hidup kita ;)


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