WW: yummy food from home

Just received this yummy postcard from dear friend Uniek Kaswarganti this morning :)..
Deliciously tempting...make me wanna eat it :)
Nasi kuning, or yellow rice, is usually offered during festivities or special events in Indonesia. Adorned with eggs, fried chicken, fried onion and in this case, spicy potato stew, it tastes super duper yummy :)

Happy Wednesday...

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  1. I love getting postcards in the mail. When I've ordered things from Novica.com often times the artist sends a postcard. Some are in English and a different language. It's so neat they take their time out to write someone to say something like thank you for buying my work. I love that the site is all artist made things.

  2. It's definitely a tasty meal !!

  3. Uwaaa sego kuning nyampe sana mbk ;)
    Enjoy ur meal hehe

  4. There are certain foods that just make you think of home!

  5. Nice to know that you like my postcard, dear. I'll send other special thing in next postcard that hardly found there :)

  6. Sebentar, tak beliin krupuk udang dulu ya, Bu. :D

    1. kerupuknya banyak aku daaah....bawa stok satu kardus hehehe...

  7. I bet that made you long for home. But how sweet of your friend to think of sending you a card in the mail!

  8. Ngelihatnya saja sudah bikin lidah bergoyang tu, nasi kuning memang masakan khas Indonesia yang top markotop :)


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