Lebaran@NYC: Halal bihalal

Rasanya...lebaran tanpa halal bihalal laksana sayur ketupat tanpa santan...Ngg komplit :)!

Begitu juga untuk kami di sini :). 

Being away from home does not stop us from continuing this wonderful tradition. 

Well,  who would say no to a lovely gathering with people you know or even meeting exciting new friends with the flow of  super delicious Indonesian food? With a bonus of perfect weather and fashion parade of colorful attires?

I won't miss it for the world :)..

So, days after Eid AL-Fitr, we gathered at New Rochelle mansion and  enjoyed beautiful day in the green lush surroundings.

And the food? It's awesome....
Let me try to recall what we have at that day...

We had a buffet of Indonesian traditional cuisine...a pure taste of home. I miss it dearly and how glad I am to find them there on that beautifully-adorned-with-batik main dining table...

We had sayur asem - Indonesian most-sought sweet and sour vegetable stew; ayam goreng lengkuas - fried chicken with that special hint of galangal; daging serundeng - marinated beef with spicy grated coconut; ikan asin - salted fish; teri kacang - spicy fried anchovies with peanuts; and tempe goreng - fried soy bean cake. All my fave! I know back home this might be considered as the 'usual' food, but here in New York, it's a treasure :). aah...and one more thing...kerupuk! That crunchy crackers will never be forgotten..so Epic :)

For the dessert, a wide range of Indonesian traditional delicacies were also served. Starting from Lapis Surabaya - Indonesian layer cake; centik manis - sweet rice flour steamed cake; to the savory risoles - salted crepes with beef bacon, mayo and eggs; lemper - chicken-filled steamed sticky rice; and kue talam - steamed rice flour cake garnished with dried shrimp and chilli. Oh yuuum yuuum...Not to forget nastar and kaastengels - the famous pineapple - filled and cheese cookies. I sincerely hope my tummy won't hurt me from eating too much :)...

Later that evening, we also managed to meet at Greenway South for another soiree of friendship and fun. 

Here, the menu was fantastic as well...another display of Indonesian fantastice cuisine...starting from Rendang, our one-of-a-kind spicy beef curry slowly cooked with Indonesian herbs and coconut milk. Then Ikan Pesmol - Indonesian fried red snapper fish with spicy turmeric sauce and vegetables. 
For sure, sweets and savory delicacies were part of the menu as well...where we have lumpia and layer cakes as well here...

So, all in all..it was a lovely day. Surely the fun goes beyond the fantastic food being offered, but for the ambience of friendship, love and forgiveness.
Eid Mubarak, people...


  1. Maaf lahir batin juga ya mak .... *walaupun rada telat tapi masih bulan Syawal kan ... jadi masih afdol ya :)

  2. selamat lebarabn juga Mba...masakannya mantab bener,,,

  3. Mohon Maaf lahir bathin ya Mak..

    Kapan puLang ke INA?

  4. How nice that you continued on with the festivities! The food looks and sounds amazing!

  5. Makkkk,,keren banget makkk NY,,,kapan aku bisa kesana,,duh mak,,ajib banget deh mak,,meleleh hati ini,,,melihat suasana ied di negara super power :) :)

  6. Suasana Lebaran di negara orang memang sangat berbeda dengan di Tanah Air, ya, Mak.

  7. sayur asem dan teri kacang itu makanan yang dikangeni setelah selama lebaran ketemunya yang santan2 melulu :D

  8. Fantastic food...nice to know about your tradition... :-)

  9. Salam kenal Mak...Duuh...situasi rumah seperti itu impian saya lho!! Love it!
    Dan ketemu menu beginian di seberang laut sana "sesuatu" banget deh! :)

  10. The food looks so good to eat! I'm hungry now.

  11. selalu seneng baca artikel tentang lebaran di negeri orang :) mansionnya cakep ya, en menu2nya bikin ngilerr :D

  12. Paling suka sama ikan tuh, bikin nelen air liur.

  13. menunya enak-enak ya mak, indonesia banget. sayang belum pernah nyoba ikan pesmol

  14. I Love this post. Karena saya belum pernah ke luar negeri paling suka jalan-jalan ke blog yang punya kisah dan foto-foto luar negeri tapi gak meninggalkan Indonesia...seperti mbak Indah Nuria punya :)

  15. Waaah, walaupun jauh dari kampung halaman, ternyata makanan khas Indonesia bisa hadir juga yah di NY yah, pengalaman yang sangat berharga. Entah kapan saya bisa seperti Mba Indah. Hehehe, Oh yah, Mba rasanya sama dengan yang di Indonesia nggak yah? hehehe

  16. Aiiihhh ... itu kayaknya enak-enak semua masakannya.
    Jadi ngga sedih lagi ya lebaran jauh dari tanah air, secara semua hidangannya ada juga di sana :)


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