Obi@NYC: at Rockaway Beach, Queens

More sunshine @NYC and we have been trying to maximize it...just before the cold wind starts blowing :)...

One of the closest beaches near our house is Rockaway Beach, at Jacob Riis Park, Queens.

It took around 1 hour to go here through Brooklyn and with the traffic, but it was a lot faster when we came back home. Be back with more details on the next post :)

A lovely day to play with sand under the the beach... 

Obi wore pinky Winter Water Factory butterfly organic cotton dress 
with Disney's Princess Sofia pink sandals.

why are you grinning like that :)....


  1. Her face looking through is so cute!

  2. Her dress is so cute! I am sure she had a great day at the beach!


Soooo happy to have you all here :D....
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