#MyItchyFeet@NYC: The Rose Reading Room, NYPL

Remember when I shared about New York Public Library?
And I mentioned about how wonderful the Rose Reading Room here?

Now I'd like to invite you to know more and enjoy this fabulous and famous reading  room :)..

Frankly speaking, I have been trying to dig up more about this one of the most beautiful open library spaces..And I was not very successful! I need to look more on the offline resources I guess and write it back here.

Well,  at least I got a chance to visit and spend some time admiring this elegant wood panel room. Sit back and enjoy yoooo... As I will start sharing some photos of the room and the surroundings. 

As I'm only using my smartphone, I hope you all will still be able to enjoy its beauty :)

quite crowded even on weekend..

It reminds me of the blue sky...heaven up above....

the wood panel... 
more from the ceiling... 

Bo...sitting peacefully waiting for me taking pictures here and there :)...

a bit shaky but still love the painting in the ceiling...

always love to see the alley like this...I gotta go back for more photos :)...

don't you just love the hanging lamp...

my selfie :)...

this is what you see right on the entrance...one of the doors, I mean..

Now the room is closed temporarily for further inspection and repair for about six months. I just can't wait to see it again :)..

Meanwhile, keep calm and read on, my dear friends...


  1. Keren bangeeetttt.... kapan aku bisa kesana ya?
    Makasih banyak Mak utk share foto2nya yang keren :)
    Dan, kutunggu foto2 NYPL lainnya :)

  2. Hhuuaaaa.... sooo amazing mbak... dari dulu aku pengeeeennn banget kesono :(

  3. Aku selalu suka ke perpustakaan sejak kecil sampai kuliah Mak, membayangkan ada di sana pasti aku ndak mau pulang :p Kaya di HarPot ya perpusnya :p

  4. wow very nice, beuatiful place...

  5. wesss... betah bgt kayaknya baca disana mak :)

  6. It's one of my favorite stops when I am in NYC!!

  7. Wahhh pengen bngat ke sana kalau ada rezeki :)

  8. keren-keren banget mak. Semoga suatu hari diberikan kesempatan dan rejeki untuk dapat liat langsung. Amiiiinn :D

  9. Wow, it's so so awesome, Mak! Keren banget ini, library. Kapan ya bisa kesana?
    Thanks for share, Mak Indah, can't wait to read your other #ItchyFeet post!

  10. Cool... pingin kesana jugaak huhuu


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