#Bo@NYC: at the Hoyt Playground

What I love most about living abroad is abundant public spacessuch as parks and playground.

While we were in Geneve, simple yet amusing park was just in our backyard. So convenient.

Now, our home sweet home is actually surrounded by parks. Astoria Park, beautifully stretched on the banks of the East River across the jungle of Manhattan, is just 2 blocks away. And Hoyt Playground is at end of our subway train.

No wonder, whenever we get off the train, kiddos will automatically ask us to stopby for 10 minutes or so, to climb the monkey bars, get down the slides, swing or simply run around laughing and screaming on top of their lungs.

How fun! 

And mommy, too tired (and too big) to climb those bars and ladders, just happily  takes pictures and more pictures.

Have fuuun Bo et Obi...


  1. Hahah.. Anak-anak emang senengnya gitu ya, Mbak. Manjat,lompat sana sini.. Kadang kalo adek sepupu ku main gitu aku yang deg-degan.. :P

    1. hehehehe...iyaaa yah...tapi bagus juga buat mereka kok :)

  2. Playgrounds are a must for kids. My husband lets the kids play on the playground at school after school. It helps them burn off energy.


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