WW: old Balinese painting

I found this beautiful piece of old Balinese (yes, I guess it's from Bali ) hand painting at my new office in NY.

I love it ..and I bet it's very valuable. But I have no clues and don't know the meaning of it...

Can anybody help me with it?

the ancient verses...

it's one big masterpiece...

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  1. If you find out more let me know!


  2. I have no clue what it means. I do love it though!

    One of my favorite directors Julie Taymor talks about Bali in her interviews. She traveled there a long time ago. Seeing all the puppets and art there gave her ideas for Lion King on Broadway. She said when she was there, out of no where a group of men came out in warrior costumes, danced and bellowed their voices. They had mirrors all over their robes. She watched them in the shadows the whole time they were out there. She said it strongly moved her because they danced for no one, but a supreme being. She was used to preforming and selling tickets. These men were not interested in that. They didn't care about the money.

    1. That's true Alissa..perhaps she was watching Kecak Dance...partly rituals and performing arts as well...but Balinese people are so bound to the Gods and Goddesses they workship as well as earth and beneath it. As Hindu, they also believe in reincarnation....Come and visit us in Bali..I myself can never get enough of it...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks mak Hana..precious..that's why I sincerely hope someone can help me out with this...

  4. intinya bagus deh mbak menurutku walaupun gak ngerti apa artinya

  5. Gambar berbicara ya, Mba. Enggak paham juga maknanya. :D

  6. Love tone and colour, Mbak.. :D


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