The underwater world of Tegal Island, Lampung...

Well, frankly speaking, I have posted several articles on diving sites in Lampung.

For me who doesn't have the luxury of traveling around the country anytime I want (PNS oooh PNS :(( ), going back home to Lampung and have a day or two diving with my club here is heaven! Especially since I got that 'red notice' instructing me and my family to move to the Big Apple for the next assignment. Always, the clock is ticking at the very last moments...

Anyway...I managed to dive just with my dive master near Tegal Island, Lampung. 

Check out more infos on Tegal Island in my previous posts , Reef Check at Tegal Island, Lampung, and  My Unforgettable Journey: Take My Breath Away. 
Well, apparently, not that many :) as most of them are in Tanjung Putus or Pahawang Islands, also in Lampung.

To reach Tegal Island, there are several choices that you can take. All the starting points stretched out along Hanura and Ketapang area in Pesawaran, Lampung. It takes around 40 minutes to go to this place from Bandar Lampung, the city center. It's not because it's far but mostly because there is only one road with two lanes for everything, trucks, public angkot or minivans, tons of motorcycles and cars. Here are the choices you have:

1. From Ringgung beach. You can rent the boat here and chances are you won't have any problems as many fishermen live in this area and they offer you the service to take a-day tour to Tegal island, back and forth :D. They will usually wait for you until you finish.

2. From Balai Benih Lampung. This is not really a public area but if you can contact the boat man beforehand and ask them to come and pick you up here, then it will be closer to go to Tegal island. I usually go to Tegal island with my diving group from here.

3. From Mutun beach. Mutun beach is a popular place, especially during weekends and holidays. The good thing is, you will always find a water taxi or a boat to rent from here. But then it will be a bit further from Tegal island and the boat ride will be slightly longer. Moreover, you will have to pay the entrance ticket and the parking for your car here. But it's still not that much. So, in case you change your mind and you just wanna stay on the beach instead of going to the island, then Mutun will be a good place.

The boat ride will take approximately 30 - 40 minutes from the three starting points I've mentioned above. Make sure you got your logistics ready yaaa...Do not expect to have cafes or restaurant to cater your appetite, so better bring your delicious lunch boxes, chips and munchies as well as plenty of water and fruits :).

So nooooow.....lemme now put some lovely (but now living me with the agony of missing diving in Lampung more and more terribly) photos I got from my last trip there. Oh ya, we did have 2 dives that day, approximately 1 hourish on each dive. Tell you's not enough, hiks :)). As an amateur  underwater photographer, I really like to stay longer down there, if the oxygen permits of course :).

Now, now....Enjoooy...and don't forget to breath :)

Let me start with this crowded spot :)...where I found this cute skunk anemone fish trying to run away from me and my camera :D... 

Clear blue peaceful..

And can you guess what it is? 

And lion'll find them abundant here...

isn't she pretty :)...but still dangerous yooo...

Another interesting creature you'll find here is nudi branch :)...let me introduce you to them...

so tiny tiny....

this one is bright orange....cute!

Nemo nemo nemo.....I guess, everybody is familiar with this cute yet territorial fish thanks to finding Nemo movies :D. Just like a kid, I can't hide my excitement meeting this cute striped creatures down there..

Meeting Mr. Turtle was indeed a bonus....although I have met them once on my maiden underwater voyage here in Tegal island as well :D... and believe me, they are really a swimmer! So fast ... dude, wait for meeee....

he's running away from meeee :D...

Then who like starfish? I do....there are plenty of them down here..with different colors, sizes and models :)

I always call it ikan batik :D...she's cute as well :D..

it' kima...the giant clam :D....

And purple is indeeeed everywhere....including down hereee :D...

They call it bintang seribu or thousand stars,'s extremely touche pas! 

Cheeeers from me to you :)...

Well, don't blame me if I can't get enough of diving...wherever it is...
hope to see you all again soon :D...


  1. uwaaaaaaa keren banget ya saya nyelem dan bisa lht yg beginian ;)

  2. envy..envy..envy... Kemarin saya ke Lagoon Cabe, pulau Rakata.. ya Allah bagus banget, tapi lg ga mau snorkling jadi hanya bisa menikmati pemandangan dari atas saja... :). Lampung memang teope lah.. :)

    1. sayaaang bangeet maak Riski...ayo nyemplung hehehe

  3. Pengen mak diving or senorkling.. Tapi enggak punya kameranya :p

    1. hehehe...nabung dulu kalau gitu :)...yang penting nyemplung dulu :)

  4. Oh Lampung gitu lho. Gak nyangka alam bawah lautnya lebih eksotis lagi. Keren banget Mbak Indah :)

    1. Bangeeet much to enjoy :)..main ke Lampung dooong :)

  5. Camera underwaternya bagus banget, cerah

    1. yang bagus bukan kameranya mbaaa....underwater scenerynyaa yang okeeeh

  6. Nice view and nice diver also
    Enjoy diving

  7. lucu banget lion fishnya mbak, ada nemo segala ya :)

  8. aahhhh cakeeppppppp..... memng sih, diving itu nagih...


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