#Bo et Obi's Diary: Cupcakes oooh cupcakes ...

Hellow there..

Want some cupcakes?

I can see some hands and huge smiles on your face :). Mine, too :p...

Well, I have to admit that I actually don't have the sweet tooth like any other members of my family. And I really have to careful though as diabetes has been common enemies in my big family.

But then again, who can say no to such lovely, alluring cupcakes in big, or even tiny package? enough to release my sweet-craving and yet adore the beautiful icing on top. Yuuum...

That's what we have here ... 

Obi, my daughter, loves cakes, too. Well, who doesn't?

So a few weeks a go, after strolling around Brooklyn and heading to its famous flea market, we decided to have a stop for a late lunch at the dining course in the Grand Central. After having  hearty meals of steak and vegetables, I just couldn't help myself to peep on sweet display of Magnolia Bakery there. 

Yummy rite...soooo inviting :)

Well, you know how famous they are now :)..after Sex in the City episodes, you can just easily google it :).

No wonder we finally decided to take home two boxes of red velvet ... 

Then, I got one lovely choco cupcake with sugary rainbow sprinkles ...my oh my...

Well....they tasted so good, particularly the cheese cake. I just don't know how to describe it in details. It just tasted do delicious, melted in your mouth and the goodness of cheese cake you can think of were there! Hmm...do I sound too exaggerating :p? Perhaps...but I just want to  share with I really enjoyed them :)..

Then, the following week, we again got a chance to try a different kind of cupcakes...

Mini cupcakes to be precise :).

These ones are presented by #BakedbyMelissa :). 

We found her mini store conveniently lay on the 42nd St. between Park and Lexington Avenue, near one of the entrance/exit of Grand Central..

grab one, please :)

How sweet they are :)..and cute :). As Melissa said it in her web, it's a care-free rock n' roll cupcakes...Oyeaaah :)...

We got ourselves a chocolate pretzel, tie-dye (loveee the colors), tie-dye dipped in chocolate, peanut butter, triple chocolate fudge, and a special fathers-day cupcakes, all come in bite sizes. This six-piece costs us 6.5 USD :). You wanna know how it tastes?

Ask Obi :0)..

Judging from her expressions, you know it's gooood :)

I got tie-dye dipped in chocolate...hurraaay...

hmmm hmmm hmmmmm.....

Sooo...I guess I have to start baking my own cupcakes now #eeeh..

Happy cupcakes for everyoneeeee :)...


  1. Obiiiii... senyumnya menyegarkannn.... cerah banget
    ... dan aku selalu gemas liat rambutnya.
    Btw..aku penggemar cup cakes mak

    1. heheee...iya niiih mak ade si kiwiiil hihi...salam kangeeen

  2. mbayangin klo apem dikasih topping macem2 kayak gini bakalan mendunia ga ya ? wkwkwkwkwk #fansberatapem :P

    1. eeeh bisaaa ajaaa kali maaak....tampangnya dicantikin...pasti lakuuu deeh hehee

  3. Aiiiih cupcake-nya menginiiiiiin. :*

  4. Yam, yam, yammmm... yummy bangeeet, apalagi modelnya kiyutt abiiss... rambutnya ulalaa deh mak :-)

  5. Cuma bisa 'speechless' dan ileran nonton cupcake di atas T_T

    1. ayooo mbaaa...coba buat sendiri...resepnya banyaak di google hehehe..

  6. aku ama Faiz dah pernah nyoba cupcake muahooool..iya siiich kenyang..tapi ya gitu deeeech...balik ke atas..heheee

    Eksperesinya Obiiii ituuuh membuatku ingin terbang ke NY

    1. hehehe...bukan masalah mahalnya mak Astin...tapi memang enak :)

  7. Yum, Yum! I am not much of a cake fan, but give me a cupcake and I am in heaven! If I ever get to NY, I must get some of these cupcakes!

    1. You must :)..once you're here, you can easily find them..

  8. aaah... siapa yang bisa menolak cupcakes secantik itu..
    ekspresi si cantik sudah kasih bukti...
    ekspresif kayak emaknya ya..

  9. Obi gituuuuu bikin tante pengiiiin. DC cupcakes di episode kemarin buka di Soho NY mak. Hayo kapan laporan rasanya ke diriku? hihihii

  10. Warna-warnanya pastel ya, Mbak.. Lucuuu :D

  11. yeiyyyy...cupcakes. aduuuh bikin ngiler...

  12. Those cupcakes look awesome. I love a good cupcake!

  13. mengundang selera banget cupcakenya :)


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