Srikandi Blogger 2014 - #1

And finally... March 9, 2014!

It's the D-Day.... For the inauguration of Srikandi Blogger 2014...

For those who haven't heard of Srikandi Blogger, or just have a hint on it, allow me to proudly explain how incredibly inspiring this event is. Initiated last year as part of the anniversary of Kumpulan Emak Blogger - a celebrated group of Indonesian female bloggers, this event has invited female bloggers to participate in a contest where the most inspiring, most  blogger will be selected as Srikandi, a heroine in traditional Javanese culture.

From hundreds of participants, 50 has been selected in the first batch, trimmed down to 10 finalists before the final round. 

Tasked with various blogging activities, ranging from simple introduction, self-promotion to blogging on the issue of women and internet to creating video about what you will do if you were selected as Srikandi Blogger 2014, participants were again invited to get out of their comfort zones and explored the new world of possibilities...Resulting in numbers of colorful and inspiring entries indeed.

This is THE event where you have the opportunity to actually meet, greet and have (lotsa) fuun to soo many inspiring women from different walks of lives and backgrounds ..... sharing the same passion, blogging!

And after series of stages the finalists have to go through, the final day was last Sunday...

And what a day indeed... 

Full of energy, enthusiasm, creativity and lotsa lotsa love, love, and love..
As most female (as well as male, of course ;)) bloggers from different parts of Indonesia gathered and were ready to rumbleeee...

The event itself was packed with soooo many beautiful displays of creativity among members of Kumpulan Emak Blogger, famously known as KEB.

Being there as one of the 10 Finalists of Srikandi Blogger 2014 is such a rewarding experience..perhaps, once in a lifetime opportunity as well..

And Pungky Prayitno, a mother of a cute son Jiwo, a women's rights true activist, a social media darling, and an avid blogger is our Srikandi Blogger 2014...
Yaaay, congratulations, nduuk :D, so proud of you..

Well, before I spill more beans on this incredible event, let me share some photos first...

After a lovely preparation a day a head - which I will share on another posting..or I rather had posted it :D...

These ones were taken before the fashion shooow..

Yuuup ... before the fashion shooow...or after the make-over, to be exact...

Frankly, I have to get more details about this..but let me just start with photos of these gorgeous ladies...all members of KEB who participated as the model for this event, wearing lovely collections of Hijaber's Mom Collection..

I will definitely be back with more details and stories..

Meanwhile, enjoooy these photos...

Alaika Abdullah, our Srikandi Blogger 2013...

Mak Alaika Abdullah et Mak Amtina

Mak Alaika et Mak Ida Nur Laila..

Mak Ermayani Novia...

our one and only Mak Lies Wahyoeni...

Mak Lieeeessss....

Mak Icoel...

Mak Uniek Kaswarganti

love the outfit, the make up and most of all...the lady bearing this smileee..

Mimi from Jambiiiii...

Mak Mimiiii...

Mak Winny Widyawati...

pretty smile...

Mak Efi Fitriyyah

Add caption

Well....that's what I can manage now...

For sure I will be baaaack with more stories, more photos, more love...
Only from Srikandi Blogger 2014....


  1. Aarrrkkk mn fotonya mbk indah?????suka baju disini g ada hihi

    1. iya maaak...aku ternyata ngg punya foto sendiiiirriii...nooooo :D...

  2. ngeliat foto2nya, jadi pengen ngulang lagi ya, Mak :)

  3. Iyaaa baju ungu sama ijonya itu mak Indah cakep banget. sukaa itu captionnya mak Uniek. Dan tentu saja foto-fotonya mak Indah yang keren ituh :*

    1. Miaaa...aku tuh ngg punya foto sendirii...kasiaaan yaaah :D....yang keren model-modelnya nih miaaa..cetaar semuaaa...

  4. Waaa.. cantik2 banget...
    Peluk emak2 semua...
    Jadi pengen bener2 ketemu dengan semuanya nih.

  5. waah..mak2 iniii.. cantik-cantiiikk...!! :D

  6. Pengen didandanin juga biar cantik kayak gitu ... hehehe

    Foto2nya cakeppp...

  7. super pangling saya lihat wajah2 itu, beda bangeeet dari biasanya, cuantik2 banget mak, :)

  8. Seruuuu... pangling ya lihat para emaks yang makin ketjeh.... :*

    1. iya mak Niaaa....belum sempet ketemua dikauuuu yaah...

  9. parade model cantik ^^

    menanti parade emsih #eh ga ada ya, hihihi :))

  10. Mama Boooooo....merci again for d photos. Nggak nyangka ya wajah ancur2an eike bisa jadi begindang wkwkwkkk... Aku pinjem foto2mu darimu ya mak, sumpe keren abis soalnya.

    1. boleh bangeeet maaak.....dikau kinclooong abiiis...

  11. Parade model blogger.... cantik2..... :)
    Mak Mugniar gak ada ya?

  12. foto-fotonya mak indah selalu kereeeennn....^_^

  13. kereennn..keceh badaai..
    MakMod mantabs

    Ga ada potokuuh :(

  14. aih ada aku di situuu *norak*
    Makasih banyak mak Indah, semoga bisa ketemu lagi di lain acara :)

    1. iyaaa maak cantiiiik...amiiin semoga segera ketemuan lagi yaaah..

  15. cantik,cantik semua jadi minder mbak lihat foto2nya

  16. Seriuuus, cakeeep2 bgtt emak2. Yg moto pinteeer iiih. . . :D

    1. yang ngomong apalagiii...cantiknya manglingiiiin :D..

  17. I love meeting fellow bloggers and I am so excited for you that you got to go to this.

  18. It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I am so happy for you.

  19. Waaah....tjantiiiik semuanya ini mak mak blogger KEB :)

    jadi pingin ikutan di dandani juga , biar si bunda yang wis sepuh ini ikutan cantik....hehehe


  20. Fotokuuu belom tayang jugaaakkk heuheuu

  21. Emaaaaak...fotoku enggak ada, hiks hiks hiks huaaaaa... Mak Indah kapan ketemuan yaaa...aku mau foto berdua denganmuuu. Suskes SB2014 KEB

  22. kamu itu mmg menyenangkan mak...awalnya rada malu berhadapan dgn mu ituh. Tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aku salah besar dan akhirnya mencubit pipiku sendiri. Heyyyyyyyyyy...lihat betapa menyenangkannya berteman dengn wanita super ini.
    Terima kasih atas keramahan dan kebaikan hatimu ya mak Indah.

  23. Heyyy... I just realized about this article! Went through googling to find Alaika Abdullah's pictures, and found one in this post. :D
    Mak Indah, thanks for this awesome story. Can't wait for the next SB event. :D

    Btw, are you already in US or still here in Indo?


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