#MyItchyFeet: Up Close and Personal with Shwedagon Temple, Myanmar

Aaaaaand I am back to the Golden Land of Myanmar...

Lucky me...

Although it is a business trip, I still try to devour the very soul of this country.
Not easy as always, as I am mostly trapped in the meeting room and indulged in never ending discussons.

But one lovely afternon, I was revisiting  Shwedagon Temple and was having fun with fish eye application in my smartphone. I was a bit tired after non-stop meetings but just simply didn't want to miss the chance to come to this majestic pagoda. So using my smartphone, this application is really a big help.

it was getting more and more crowded in the evening.....

Check out the story from my first visit to Myanmar here :D

And while waiting for more photos being transferred from my DSLR and digging up more stories from this richly historical land, come scroll down and see some snapshots from my brief visit to this famous Pagoda. Feel free...

can you see the diamond on top? ...

My narcistic me...

at the golden hour....

serenely praying....amidst flocks of people coming for the same purpose or tourists like us...

as the fire flickers and goes up to the sky, so are our prayers...


  1. uwaaa....shine bright like a diamond hehehe....enjoy mbk ^^

  2. I'm waiting for more photos 'n stories.. ^^

  3. Wooowww...soo breathtaking.. :)
    I've visited the replica of this Temple and it looks exactly like this.. Persis plekk mak.. :-P

  4. I thought Myanmar was a terrible country. But I was wrong. There's such a good place there like this temple. Thank's Mak for share this nice place. ^_^

  5. Mak, narcistic udah ga happening, yg happening "selfie". Hehe

    Fotonya bagus, Mak.
    Templenya mirip yang di Thailand ya, :D

  6. Mak, gimana bikin foto cembung gitu. Kasih tau caranya dong

  7. Mak Ini keren bangeeeet, englishnya jago sekali :)

  8. What a beautiful country, have a nice trip mak!
    Keep sharing about your travelling here, I really like this!

  9. I've just opened my mobile phone, can not comment. Oh No...!! then I Opened my laptop just want to say " I Love It Sistaaa....what a Nice Journeyyy, thankyou for sharing your travelling" muach muach...haha

  10. foto yang terakhir favorit bangeeeet

  11. tanya dong mbak, kalo di Myanmar, nyari makanan halal susah nggak?

  12. foto biar efeknya bulet2 gitu pake apa ya??

  13. iya nih, foto travelingnya keren banget mbak......


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