On the road to Srikandi Blogger 2014

 I can never thank Allah SWT enough for all Allah's blessings..

Including the most recent one...being selected as one of the 50 Finalists of the Srikandi Blogger 2014, an incredible event held by my proud Indonesiaan female bloggers community, Kumpulan Emak Blogger..

Sungguh, bahagia rasanya saya dan 49 Emak Blogger Indonesia, berhasil terpilih sebagai #50FinalisSB2014 yang digagas oleh Kumpulan Emak-emak Blogger (KEB) ini. 

Such an honor to be selected here...Truly a celebration of encouragement, love, creativity and endless positive energy derived from the same passion, blogging! 

Here's my 'teaser'. a short video on the road to Srikandi Blogger 2014, as I am invited to promote myself :D...wanna check it out? feel freee...


  1. wooooowww... keren maaak... kek trailer pelem2 gituh.. gmn caranya itu mak? hihihi..
    Good luck ya mak ^^


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