#MyItchyFeet: Kelagian Island, Lampung, Indonesia #1

Living in the largest archipelagic state, Indonesia, my family and I are blessed with such breathtaking natural wonders across the country. Including my hometown, Lampung.

Startegically located in the southernmost part of Sumatera Island, Lampung has been beautifully surrounded by islands, bays and ocean, each offering clear blue sky, crystal turquise water, white powdery sandy beach. How lucky we are!

Last holiday break, we decided to visit Small Kelagian Island in Ketapang, Lampung...why small? because we have the big one as well, which is a bit more crowded. So we prefered to have a rather more 'private' island located a bit further.

We started the journey from Ketapang jetty, approximately 40 minutes from Bandar Lampung. It is located in Teluk Ratai, Piabung, home of Indonesian Naval in the western part of Indonesia. Along the way, your eyes will feast on the blue-and-green lines of lush trees and beaches!  I don't know whether you have read my posting before, but there are some choices along this area for white sandy beaches and lovely swimming spots. Not to mention islands and diving spots if you are heading to the islands.

In Ketapang, there are three jetties. The one in the middle is the most crowded one, as you can notice from lines of cars parking in the surrounding. Here, you can also meet the boatman (I don't know what to call them :D..) and negotiate with them. Usually, people visit Kelagian island (the closest), Pahawang island (the big one and the small one), Lelangga Island (see some photos here), Tegal island (my favorite diving spot and reef check) as well as Tanjung Putus island and Balak Island.

This time, we decided to go to Kelagian Island...not the big one, though..but the small one!
With two traditional boats and 22 people altogether (They are all my family :D(, of we went to the island. Two boats were rent for Rp 1.000.000,- (or equal to ± USD 90) for a whole day trip to Kelagian and other islands (hop on hop off) if we had time.

Logistics were unpacked (it's tres tres important...because most of the islands were not permanently inhabited! so make sure you have you food, drinks and supply of clean water) and snorkeling gears were set, we were ready to go!

Well, it was 30 minutes floating on the sea..passing big Kelagian island, some fishermen boats, and Bagan or floating temporary bamboo structure on the sea where fishermen come and stop by while fishing (gosh that was a long explanation and I certainly hope it was correct :D)..

And...we finally arrived at the island of our choice.

It was perfect!

Once we arrived, everyone was hungry, but we managed to pray first then eat. It was such a solemn moment to fulfill your religious obligation by the sea!

Then, what are you waiting for? It was early lunch for adults and swimming time for kids! Or rather a combination of both hehehe...

Here are some snapshots during our trip to small Kelagian Island, Lampung...more stories and photos are coming :D..

Such a lovely trip in the last days of 2013 indeed..

Obi and Fia enjoying the beach..happy girls...

"Moooom...hurry...I wanna swim.." protested Bo while I took his picture :D..

ridicilously happy..grinning widely posing with my fin et full under-the-sun gear :D...

look who's got a new pony..in the water :D...Bapak et Obi enjoying crystal clear water....


okaay..now you can take my picture :D...

will definitely back for moreee....

Happy 2014, everyoneee...


  1. woww amazing, would you like to take me there mak Indah?
    but free!! :)

    1. why not....if I can see you at Ketapang jetty, then I'll take you to the island :)..

  2. I Visited Lampung in 1997 along with MG.Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. He was GOC of Sriwijaya Military Area Command at that time.

    Nice articel

    1. Thanks Pakdhe...I can imagine you, His Excellency and the whole troops standing straight watching the ocean ...incredible! I love the area sooo much...

  3. Lampung... Yay! Aku menikmati saat2 menyeberang menuju Bakauheni. Pulau2nya kereeen. Tapi cuman sebentar menikmati pasir putihnya. Aaaah, jd pengen ke sana lagi.

    1. ayooo balik lagi doooong....banyak pulau dan pantai cantik menanti :D...

  4. Masih bersih banget yah pantainya ka :D disini bnyakny udah kotor pasirnya huhu

    1. Iya Rani...lumayan enak tempatnya...main dooong ke Lampung :D...

  5. Pasir nya alus banget, aku suka dikelagian sambil beli ikan di nelayan trus di bakarin ;-)

    1. Kelagian besar yaaa...enaknya di sana rame yaaa...banyak pedagang hehehe...kemarin pas lewat ada banana boat juga...aku senengnya yang sepiii :D..biar serasa milik pribadi pulaunya #ngayal :D..

  6. It is absolutely gorgeous there! A real paradise!

  7. That looks like a fun, relaxing time! You are lucky to have water and sand nearby. I live in the middle of the US. We don't have water, or mountains. We do however have rolling hills, and flat land for miles!


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