Journey to the Land of the Pharaohs #3

The City of Thousand Mosques indeed fits Cairo, the Capital of Egypt, perfectly.

No wonder staying in the City for 4 days is inadequate, particularly if you are interested to know and visit all those historical landmarks....

But magnificent mosques are not the only incredible architectures you can witness in Egypt...

And I bet, pyramids will be the first things crossing your minds when you hear Egypt :D..
that's exactly what we have in mind as well..

Kebayang bakal melihat mahakarya nan unik yang telah membuat Mesir terkenal seantero jagat raya :D..

So, on our second adventurous day in Egypt, we woke up early and head to Giza...approximately 1 hour from Cairo *bonus macet juga lhooo...there, our devoted guide, Nabil, has patiently waited for us...

And how striking the scenery was...there they were...

Standing majestically amidst the bed of soft sand...bravely facing the scorching sun and oceans of mortal admirers.

Starting here from Giza, we planned to see the 3 famous pyramids (Cheops/Khufu, Rhekaef/Khephren, and Mycerinus/Menkaure)

Then continued to Dahshur to see the Bent and Red pyramids, et also Saqqara, to see the step pyramid of Djoser et the recently open Tomb of Idut ... 

Of course Sphinx was on the could we miss that :D...

It proves to be an ambitious plan....and frankly speaking, we also planned to come to the old city, Necropolis..

So... starting our day quite early (considering it was holiday :D), we had a full day running from one complex of pyramids to another..

Well, not literally running around but considering that the complex was huge (and hoooot even in October :p ), it was quite an energy-consuming activity..

Well, another thing is.....7-month pregnant does not stop me from riding the camel (I's not that safe ..but it's only a 10 minutes ride for me :D)..

let alone walking quite far from 1 site to another right under the sun (around 35C I guess..)..

The only thing I missed was getting inside the pyramid, as it proved to be difficult and tiring even for a healthy-non-pregnant adult I left that part to Rudi, who seemed to be having fun (sweating and panting after 125 steps up, long corridors and three antechambers:D) exploring the Red pyramid....btw, do you know that Red Pyramid of Dashur used to be the largest structures in earth for thousand years? 

Learning it from our devoted guide, Nabil, these magnificent masterpieces were built from millions of limestone blocks..ranging from 2.5 to 15 tonnes per oooh my..

Hailing Ra, the God of Sun, experts said pyramids were representing the ray of the sun..quite likely...

But mind you, even pyramids were not totally safe from thieves... And I'm not talking about their valuable contents, but the building blocks as well :(.. They proved to best one of the best building materials and they have spread all over the world as the base of famous buildings.. From Italy to the US, from the ancient city of Istanbul to Washington DC...

And i once read in one of the books during my childhood that if we take the aerial photos of the Great Pyramids of Giza, then you will divide the earth into 2 equal parts .. Well, do you believe that?

Btw, for sure we did not forget to say hi to the majestic Sphinx :D, where the grandiose Aida opera was about to be held at that time...but I guess I' ll write it down on separate piece if you dont mind :D..


  1. maaak itu seriusan lghamil naik camel??? duuuh pengen bangeeeet! apalah daya ini sudah mau lahiran tp gak babymoon kemanapun karna suami sibuk. hiks T.T

    1. Mak Fentiiii...punten baru baleees euy,....iyaah asli, 7 bulan et naik camel yang ternyata tinggi ajah eeuuuy hihihi...takut tapi excited, walaupun akhirnya ngg lama juga naiknya hehehe....moga2 sempet babymooon ya :D....

  2. it's wonderful! happy family btw hihi

    1. waaaah...makasih banyak maak Dev....happy go lucky indeed :D...thanks for visiting :D...

  3. Waaaah I want to go to Egypt! I have two Egyptian friends that I dearly so much and I have heard good things about the country! Sayangnya temen2 baikku itu yg satu lagi gak di Egypt. Suka deh foto2nya :)

    Btw, thank yu for visiting CuteCoconut ya maaak ^_^

    1. go maak goooo...go visit Egypt :D>..banyak banget yang bisa diliaaat, even my pieces are not finished yet :D...chapter Cairo yang lain, plus Luxor et Aswan menyusuuul hehehe....thanks for blog-walking to mine as well yaa :D>..

  4. I visited this site in 2005
    Thanks for the interesting article


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