And we are soooooo exciteeeed :D

Imagine this.
Around 250 bloggers, from all over ASEAN countries, gathered in a beautiful city of Solo, the spirit of Java!

say cheeers...some of us taking a lead in photo session :D...

Ecstatic? Indeed.
High-spirited? For sureeee.
FUN? definitely.

Because we finally can get together, discuss and share many interesting issues when it comes to bloggers.

Bloggers ...those staying in the frontlines when it comes to many important things, from raising awareness and solidarities towards certain issues or events, from promoting tourism to inspiring people, and of course from providing necessary information to sharing valuable lessons in life.

before everybody gets hereee.....

See, bloggers are so COOL, right :D..

That’s why ASEAN Bloggers Festival Indonesia 2013 has been highly anticipated.

And the theme, Reinventing the Spirit of Cultural Heritage of Southeast Asia, is indeed timely and complementary to the overall efforts we are taking in paving the way towards ASEAN Community 2015.

And, more importantly,  I have to luxury, - and honour, to join this incredible gathering…
I can feel the vibes as we started this event…

with Agus MC partner :D...

Starting from the opening session, where H.E. Ambassador Hazairin Pohan, the Head of Center of Education and Training of the Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia, who is also an avid blogger, officially opened the Festival. Highlighting the changing world, ASEAN Community 2015 will definitely benefit from bloggers’ prominent roles in knitting ASEAN peoples closer together, in materializing the ASEAN Community in 2015 and beyond
Then, we have a series of seminar and workshop.

We also have a great Tumpeng Moment for the 2nd anniversary of ASEAN Bloggers Community.

and the tumpeng goes tooooo.....

No less than Prof Hermawan Kertajaya, the father of Marketing, beside Philip Kotler  :D and the President of World Marketing Association, himself, briefed us, bloggers, on how to maximize social media in achieving our goals.

remember 13 gamechangers from him?  :D....

I certainly hope all participants do note and acknowledge 13 gamechangers for bloggers as avid marketeers “D/... I did have those slides and learnt a lot from it...
Then we have the  representative of the US Mission to ASEAN, Thomas Bills, talking about what the US has done in supporting ASEAN, including in realizing ASEAN Community 2015.

the gamechangers a la Prof Hermawan.....

For sure, we had an interesting talk with Pak Muhammad Dian Navi on the origin of Southeast Asia Cultures..and how we all related.

After lunch, the party we have more discussion on the role of social media in the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Building, featuring mas Budi Putra, the CEO of the Jakarta Post Digital, as well as one and only Mbok Venus @venustweets ...talking and sharing the ideas on how social media can boost and support the overall integrated steps towards ASEAN Community 2015. 

Here we curiously noted the idea of having bloggers exchange programmes and apparently everybody was so excited about it...we also noted the facts that bloggers have raised and campaigned many important issues, including those with less (or not enough) attention from the governments...Lucky me, I got the chance to moderate the discussion and again, we had many interesting and valuable inputs from the floor.

As the last part of the subtantive segments (not the part tho’ :p), we had presentations and dicussions with the representatives for the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy as well as from the regional office of tourism from the city of Surakarta...

Well, the fun continues as games and free stuff were distributed...through games of course :D...lucky me I got stocks of questions and games that can be used ...while we are waiting fooor...taraaaa, the fashion show...

Yuuup, fashion show...featuring bloggers from 10 ASEAN countries, featuring a lovely Batik Solo collection....

Then, we wrapped the day with 2 jammin’ sessions with Solo singing blues tunes and the other one offering some now-classic collections like what’s goin’on- 4 non blondes or imagine-John Lennon...

the band ... was not all actually... I still have my piece on our adventure in the Mangkunegaran Art Festival :D...wanna check that out? Just wait and see yaaaa....



  1. Thanks Evi...still trying to work on a better angle...really appreciate your comment :D...

    1. hmm... finally.. i can write this comment..

      nice to know you..

    2. Hi Noorma.....thanks for 'coming' :D....nice meeting you as well..cheers...

  2. an event of interest
    like this article

  3. great article...kalo letingan asean musti good in english yah mba.heheheee.asiknya pengalaman seru...

  4. Aha, the piece released! Great article, Mak Indah. Thanks for share. :)
    Viva Asean Blogger! :)

    1. Mak Alaikaaaa.....just a lil' note...masih perlu diasah ;D..let the ball roll yaaa...Viva ASEAN Blogger....

  5. Biar beda ah, gak mau inggris2an kayak temen2 yang di atas. Ini baru pandangan secara umum dalam 1 hari yang padat ituuuu ... coba dong dispesifikkan lageee ^_^

    1. Siaaaap Bang Aswi.....yang spesifik masih digarap....punten lari2 between deadlines...tapi musti belajar banyaaaak dari Bang Aswi niiih....mohon petunjuk....

  6. Wah, mantaps tuh reportasenya... apalagi fotoku ikut nampang di sesi foto bareng di atas ....

  7. Mampir untuk menyimak tentang ABFI 2013

  8. hebat nih bisa ikut ASEAN BLOGGER...gmn caranya mba?

    1. hai haiii...ah, punten replynya lama bangeeet....ayo cek di or via and klik icon aseanblogger....liat updates untuk tau next agenda yaaaa.....


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