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Having Fun at Scorch - O - Rama Restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is indeed a beautiful city packed with cool, lovely restaurants dotting around this capital of New Zealand. One of my favorite spots is the Bay area, where we have long lines of shores and beaches. Here, we have the  famous Oriental Bay, Scorching Bay, Karaka Bay and more.

In Scorching Bay, the first beach area I have visited with the whole family during the new year (READ : One Fine Day at Scorching Bay Beach Wellington New Zealand) , we have one lovely restaurant that has become almost everyone's favorite. The restaurant/cafe/milkbar  is called Scorch - O - Rama.

If you like super heroes, colorful comic pages and figurines, Scorch - O - Rama Restaurant is here for you. I have to say that this is one of the  quirky and cutey restaurant in in town. Located at the famous  Scorching Bay area, you won't miss this place as it is super eye catchy and literally is located by the beach. In the front, you will see lovely decoration coming from sea shells with big name board and nautical theme decoration. 

As you step inside, you will enjoy the super hero, dreamy world as you will see super heroes everywhere. From the wall, the table, the bar, the chair, the decoration, the menu and more. Check out some of the photos I took while enjoying my lunch here and tell me what you think. 

Which one is your favorite?

As for the menu, they also have so many choices, coming with cute and intriguing names, plus an array of the healthy one as well. As you can see here, the drinks come with many interesting names especially from the milk bar and the super hero shakes, like the Wolverine, Hit Girl, and Captain America. 

these are the standard ones...

Check out this menu...

Although they are originally coming with spirits or alcohol, you can obviously order one without! And that's exactly what I did! I tried the Hit Girl with that lovely ice cream, chocolate and boysenberries.

My Hit Girl yaaay...

For the food, we really had to take a long time to decide what to order as the choices look all so well and again the names are so distracting LOL. I got thorn between Scorch - O - Rama Ding Dong, Jaws Benny, and Han Solo LOL. Again, we can ask for the customized one here, like for me, I take out all the bacon and pork sausages from my menu since I don't eat them. I ended up ordering the ceasar salad, spinach, creamy mushroom, and the salmon. Delicious indeed!

After finishing our meals, we simply headed out and took more pictures of the bay and the beach! I have to say the ocean is super inviting but too bad we have to headed back to the office obviously.

The bay is so tempting... nice dip in beautiful day indeed

super inviting...

So, what do you think?
Super cute place, right? No wonder this place is packed in weekends and whenever Wellington has a beautiful day!

Monsoon Poon, A Cozy Corner for Your Special Day

Monsoon Poon, A Cozy Corner for Your Special Day

Let's continue our journey in exploring the culinary adventure in Wellington, the coolest little capital of the world.

I will take the opportunity to take you to Monsoon Poon,  a cozy corner for your special day, especially for South Asian food lovers. Known as South East Asian Trading House Restaurant and Bar, it is located in the central part of Wellington, to be exact at 12 Blair Street, Te Aro, Wellington. Moonsoon Poon has gained its reputation as an exotic corner, offering more than just delicious, people's favorite palates, but also the experience.

Welcome to Monsoon Poon, Wellington
Welcome to Monsoon Poon

Welcome to Monsoon Poon, Wellington
I really love this exotic entry way

As you enter the premise, you will be transported to another part of the world, - or more likely,  to several parts of the world stretching in the region of my beloved origin. For sure, you have to follow the health protocol by signing in through NZ COVID-19 tracker and showing your vaccine pass to the staff before you are assigned to your seats. 

Don't forget your vaccine pass

Before ordering our meal, I was enjoying the colorful, feel-at-home interior design in this restaurant. You will definitely see so many beautiful and intricate traditional fabrics from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and more. 

Some fun, rustic old ads and wooden accents as well as statues can be found dotting the rooms. Not to mention in the restroom. In this area, you will see so many photos and posters as well as information about donations and charities that the restaurant and its networks have shared in the area. 

Well, let’s take a look at the ambience from some photos I took there. You can see why I love this place. 

Such a lovely collection of red lampions, paintings and plates
the corner of the bar

Now, let's take a look at the menu and the food. As I have mentioned above, they are serving South East Asian cuisines and you will definitely see some curry from Thai, Bangkok street noodles,  Thai beef salad, Singaporean  Fried noodles, Bali prawns, nasi goreng from Indonesia, Pho Bo and more.  During our visit, we orders the green curry, Singaporean noodles, beef and black pepper and chili tofu. Sorry if the photos were not that good as I forgot to take the photos after eating half of them LOL.

the green curry

black pepper, chilli and tofu

All in all, I love the food, the ambience and the interior design of this place. You should try it as well if you are around. Here are more photos I took around the restaurant and hopefully when you come down to Wellington, you get a chance to try their menu. 

The bar corner

These flowers really attracted my attention

WW: El Matador, Argentinian Restaurant in Wellington

El Matador, Argentinian Restaurant in Wellington


Join me on my culinary adventure here in the coolest little capital in the world, Wellington.

This time. I will take you to El Matador, Argentinian Restaurant, located in the hip Cuba Street, Wellington, New Zealand. I guess this place will be perfect to take your loved ones in special occasions or even for a lovely dinner out.

El Matador has long been famous for its Argentinian grill, as it is a cafe, Asador Grill and Bar. Obviously, since Argentinian food is pretty much dominated by the grilled meat, this place is famous for its steak. 

You can definitely have others as well like burgers, lamb chops, venison, prawns, fish, squid, octopus, mussels and more. 

As for the drinks, they have various choices ranging from the alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones, including tea and some hot drinks.

Want to peep on the menu? Here you go! 

And the ambience is also lovely! I really love its industrial settings with 'old world' touch and big, rustic posters and prints. I really enjoy it. 

When we came here, we ordered their famous smoked lamb loin, fugazzeta rellena (which is packed with cheese like we love it!), as well as the steak and burger. I have to say the beef is delicious as well as the fresh salad and fries. Everything blends well in colorful plates that we have. 

Let's check out some photos I took during my dinner in this lovely place.

I really love their fresh salad and baked potatoes

the smoked TE MANA lamb loin

Fugazzeta Renella - the mozzarella - stuffed fugazza bread

I have to say that we really love this place. The food is incredible, the ambience is fun, the plating is lovely and everything is just so enjoyable. Come and visit this place if you happen to be in the city.

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WW: Dining at Noah's Barn Cafe, Bandung

Dining at Noah's Barn Cafe, Bandung

Lately I have many farewell parties (although I'd prefer to call it see-you-again-soon party) to attend. 

One of them is in Bandung, when my office had a big meeting there. We were dining at Noah's Barn Cafe, Bandung, and I really love the place. 

the meeting room.. but we choose the outdoor area

The place is super comfy and it does remind us of Noah's Ark, complete with various animals (well, their statues only of course, not the real one) as well as wooden accent that resembles the boat. 

I also love the fact that this place is spacious with a lot of open spaces and greeneries. They have meeting rooms as well as upstairs sofas and corners. The health protocol was observed as well.

The food is yum, although I though the service was a bit slow that day because it was quite full. Well, my group consists of around 20 people so we packed the place with our own. 

Wanna know what we ordered that day?

We booked for around 20 people and although it was raining, all of us came down here and enjoyed the evening together.

we ordered fried rice, mushroom soup, fried mushroom, cheese and spinach roll, ayam geprek or the spicy chicken and grilled ribs, pizzas, spaghetti, steak, ice cream, carrot cake and more. It was a lovely dinner for sure. 

fried rice, complete with satay and fried chicken

So, will you come by and try the food here at Noah's Barn Cafe, Bandung?

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