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WW: Auckland Harbour in the morning

Hi everyone..

I have been coming back to Auckland for more meetings and activities. In New Zealand, We have the biggest concentration of Indonesian diaspora here in the city so that we always have something going on here.

This time, I have some meetings with counterparts at the University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology. Moreover, we had the celebration of Indonesian Language and Literature in Auckland as well, so that our team come back here ready for a lot of engagements.

In one of the mornings, we managed to explore the harbour part as we are looking for hearty breakfast. 

The waterfront in Auckland is quite big. It also houses the Museum of Maritime. I haven’t got a chance to check out the museum but hopefully next time I will have ample time to do so.

I strolled around the Princes Wharf, where you can see Hilton Hotel and many restaurants, as well as the Eastern Viaduct and Viaduct Harbour. 

We had our breakfast in this cute restaurant called Giraffe around the area.

I also managed to get some videos for my Youtube channel about this area. Check it out!

So do you like Auckland harbour area?

Such a lovely waterfront and I hope I can go back and explore more in this area.

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WRC - Rally New Zealand 2022 at Auckland

Who loves Rally?

My husband and my son love it so much and they have been following the updates on many platforms of international rally. 

WRC - Rally New Zealand 2022 at Auckland
WRC - Rally New Zealand 2022 at Auckland

One of the is WRC or World Rally Championship series and lucky is, in 2022, we have Rally New Zealand. You can imagine how excited they are when they found out about this rally which is held in Auckland from 29 September - 2 October 2022. 

Located in Brookby Farm, around 45 minutes drive from Auckland, we bought the ticket for Jack's Ridge stage for Sunday, October 2nd. Since many rally enthusiasts were coming to this event, we hd a long queuing to get to the parking lot. There are shuttles as well but we managed to walk to the vantage point where we can see the cars in action. 

our super muddy shoes

Unluckily, two days before the event, Auckland and the surrounding cities were poured with endless rain, making the venue muddy, both for the cars and the spectators. We were sliding here and there, walking with boots and bringing 4 umbrellas. It was quite a challenge but it was also fun.

All in all, Kalle Rovanpera is the winner of this rally, with Sebastian Ogier as the runner up and Ott Tanak at the 3rd place and Thierry Neville at the 4th place. 

We stayed there for about 4 hours and we saw the rally as well as other participants from New Zealand. We bought After the second SS, we went back to Auckland and got ready to drive back to Wellington, another 8 - hour drive from CBD.

Well, that's our little story joining WRC - Rally New Zealand 2022 at Auckland. 

See you in the next adventure!

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World and Friends

Kia Ora and morena.. 

 Welcome back! 

I hope all is well as we enjoy October. Back in NYC, October is one of our favorite months in a year as we celebrate autumn and all its wonderful ambience. Here in Wellington, spring is sprouting out and I love to see all those beautiful flowers here and there.

This October is quite colorful for us. After exploring  Rotorua and the northern part of the North Island in Aotearoa, we drove to Auckland and watched World Rally Championship or WRC, for Rally New Zealand. My hubby and my son got super excited to see their first WRC session in New Zealand. We stayed at Crown Plaza Auckland in the CBD and drove to the Brookby farm to reach Jack's Ridge stage. It was raining and very muddy but my hubby and my son were super thrilled and excited to see the WRC - Repco NZ Rally. I guess the the roaring sound from those mufflers, the speed, the flying mud and the distinct smell from the burning oil are really something.

We only passed the Sky Tower in Auckland and walked around the town hall in the morning as it was raining as well. Then the following day we drove back to Wellington again. Another 8.5 hours on the road but it was quite an experience indeed. Will share more on this.

Still in October, I was lucky enough to get the chance to enjoy WOW - World of WearableArt, a world-class fashion and entertainment event held in Wellington. 

We got the ticket for the Award Nite so it was special and surprising as well, as we had Prime Minister Jacinda Arden joining the runway and wore one of the designs from New Zealand designers. Will share more on that as well.

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WW: Wellington Royal Botanic Garden in spring

 Wellington looks more and more colorful these days as spring is in the air.

Wellington Royal Botanic Garden in spring is certainly inviting. I managed to enjoy my lunch break here twice during these days. Although Wellington is still frequently dotted with heavy rain and freezing wind, we sometimes were blessed with warm afternoon.


So, I took the liberty to walk from the office as it was only a 10 minute walk. We grabbed our lunches and sit on the benches there, enjoying the fresh air, blue sky and tulips. It was very refreshing. 


Many people enjoying the Royal Botanic Garden as well as it has jogging tracks, steps, sound shells, bush walk, pond and more.  It was really a lovely gem in the middle of the city. Some of the tulips were already fallen because of the rain but I still enjoy the garden.

Here are some photos I took along the way. You can see why I enjoy it so much!

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