WW: Cheers from Ueno, Tokyo, Japan

Cheers from Ueno, Tokyo, Japan.

I was lucky to get to see some cherry blossoms here at the Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo.
They just start blooming I guess and I saw some of them while strolling around Ueno Park, although many of them are not yet blooming. I just took some snaps with my phone while enjoying one cloudy morning at this park.

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  1. What a lovely picture of you and the blossoms are beautiful too! Have a great week my friend!

  2. Nice blooms and I agree that is a nice photo of you...keep smiling

    Have a bloomingtastic week

  3. Those pink flowers are so pretty. We don't have any flowering trees here just yet, but we will in May.

    Cheers! I hope you're enjoying your time in Japan!

  4. The cherry blossoms are gorgeous! You were very lucky to have stumbled upon some on your visit.

  5. Rasanya jadi romantis ya, Mbak Indah...

  6. cherry blossoms! Lucky you to see them there in Japan


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