5 Favorite Places during Holiday Season in NYC

Such a merry and festive ambience we have here!

Holiday season is here and NYC, as aways, has its own unique, sparkly way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

Well, we don't celebrate Christmas but we respect and enjoy the festivity.
The great vibe dan the feelings of togetherness and 
And of course, all those sales, right :).

Of course, the best place to spend some time during the holiday season is with your family and your loved ones. Nevertheless, despite all the temptations to check each and every sales, there are some favorite spots that we love to check for its lovely ambience, fantastic holiday displays, the wonderful aroma *and (again) the sale ;)) here in NYC. And many of the are free! 

Here are some of them which are located on the Midtown Manhattan.
Of course there are so many great places with fantastic holiday feelings and attractions, but here are some of our favorite spots which we manage to visit :).

Rockefeller Center

Well, I know this particular place is always packed with tourists and those specially flying and flocking to NYC during this holiday season. Thanks to the famous giant Christmas tree in the middle. everyone, celebrating Christmas or not, is surely attracted to it. I guess this tradition has started in 1931 and continues to bring joy to New Yorker and everyone. The tallest tree being put there reached 100 feet tall! it was back in 1991 and the tree was originated from Killingsworth, Connecticut.

the famous tree :)

This year, as always, Rockefeller is packed with those onlookers and admirers willing to squeeze one another just to have a decent look at the tree and those angels. 
Yes, I am talking about me and my kids >_<.
But being there, with family and friends, feeling the vibe is indeed exquisite :).

The Rockefeller Center is located on the 50th street and 5th Avenue, NYC.

happy holiday!

Bryant Park

This beautiful park adjacent to the New York Public Library is another favorite, as it annually hosts Winter Village. 

Which on is your favorite?

Winter village means Christmas market filled with beautiful artisanal and food corners. 
Lovely accessories, souvenirs, arts and crafts and many more are available to those hunting for holiday gifts or just adding personal collections, like me :). We even have Facebook corner with virtual reality being offered to those who want to see the future! 
Not to forget the ice rink and the Christmas  tree!
Although it's slightly smaller compared to the one in Rockefeller, but it's beautifully lit as well.

Bryant Park is located on the 5th Avenue and 40th - 42nd st.

ready for a session of iceskating?

5th Avenue

Oh the famous 5th Avenue! 
Even before the holiday season, people are flocking around to this elegant promenade adorned with famous brands, fancy department stores and chic boutique.

Saks Fifth Avenue
My favorites are those big Department Stores which have dedicated some money, time and energy for one-of-a-kind-entertainment on their front window.
One of them that seems to attract many  spectators is Saks Fifth Avenue with its Light Show.
I can not describe it..you just have to see it yourself!
The lights, the music..the magic! 
The Land of 1000 Delights is the theme for the year :)
Many of those admirers are flocking right in front of the Department Store to wait for the light show and clap their hands after it finishes!
How fun..

Another beautiful holiday window is Bergdof  Goodman at 58th st. and 5th Avenue.
Check it out :)


Herald Square

Who doesn't know Macy's and all its fantastic annual holiday window!
I have always been a big fan as I always pass this lovely place on my way to the office.

After Snoopy last year and colorful Trolls a few month ago, this time, Macy's is back with the magic of celebrating love, togetherness and giving.
That's what holiday season is all about, right :)
Go ahead..check it out yourself :)

The magical display!

Central Park

Never get tired of this beautiful park!
Stretching from 59th st. to 110th., you surely have a lot to choose.
Our fave is still Bethesda Terrace, although we have many people enjoying the ice rink!
Wollman ice rink has been everyone's favorite since I don't know when. With under $20 for the ticket excluded the rental, you can enjoy the endless fun with your loved ones. And of course, it will be a perfect photo op for you!

There are two choices of the rink, Wollman Ice Rink on the east side, near the Central park Zoo and Lasker Ice Rink in mid park between 106th to 108th st.

Again, as I said earlier, of course we have so many other places offering great vibes in NYC and around. I haven't managed to explore other cool neighborhoods like Brooklyn, Williamsburg, West and East Village, and others. Hope I can do that soon :)

So, which one is your favorite?

Happy holiday to you all :)


  1. they all look positively enchanting

    1. And very entertaining as well, Dezzy 😇😇

  2. The light show is indeed interesting

  3. Jadi inget fiom home alone Indah...kayaknya semua tempatnya pernah muncul di hone alone..

    1. iyaaa mba...karena memang di seputaran Central Park yang jadi setting tempat film itu :)..makanya rameeee

  4. I would love to visit them all, during the holidays or anytime really!

    1. they will always have something, Theresa :)

  5. Rockefeller itu terkenal banget ya. Yang di film Home Alone kan?


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