Movie Night at Bo et Obi's School

We had movie nights in Bo et Obi's school last week, organized by the PTA.

The movie we watched was Disney's Descendants. It surely fits the Halloween theme we had this time.

As usual, we aways come and join as it's the PTA charity event and they always have great pizza ;).

For the last two years, PTA always has the movie night around Halloween time. And this year, they are inviting us to wear costumes as well for the night. No wonder my kids get sooo excited. They keep calling me at the office to make sure that I gi back home slightly earlier so that we won't be too late.

Good thing that we have our costumes ready. This year, Obi wants to be Rainbow Dash, while Bo is the ninja and mommy is the pinky-purple witch.

As I had a crazy day at the office, we arrived a bit late and the movie has started. And the first batch of pizza is gone already! They sure loveeees those pizzas ;)

But we managed to reserved some slices from the next batch and everyone was happily watching the movie at the school's auditorium munching their pizzas. And they ran around playing with friends as well ;). was fun indeed.
Do you have movie night at you kids' school as well? What is the movie played this year? Do you and your kids enjoy it? 


  1. Happy belated halloween Obi .. you looked awesome as always :*

  2. the kids really enjoy the movie..or the pizza? lol..

  3. Waaah seru2 acara sekolah anak2 saya ya. Disini serius melulu, jarang happy2 :D

    1. ayo dimulaiii mak..pasti banyak yang sukaaa :)

  4. wew, keren kostumnya, kompak banget mbak indah ini dengan anak-anak....

    1. hehehehe..iya mak Enci..lagi seru-seruan nih :)

  5. Kapan yaaa aku bisa berkostum manis kayak Mom Indah dan Kids like Obi n Bo. Sukak banget nih pilihan kostumnya :)


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