Hope to see you soon...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Ketapang, Lampung

I know I am enjoying the clear blue  NYC sky now (and I'm so grateful indeed for that :)), but my heart screams for the same georgous skies back home...

Sunda Strait...
Where great ocean is welcoming you with wide open arms....

Otw to Balak Island, Lampung ...

Ketapang, Lampung...

Join us and enjoy the captivating blue skies from different parts of the world in Skywatch Friday


  1. Those are some amazing skies back home.

  2. wow, beautiful and such a vast horizon! thanks for sharing. have a lovely sky week~

    1. have a fantastic week as well for you, Dorothee..

  3. Ah.. kampung halaman memang membuat kangen ya mbak ^^. Langit Lampung tampak indah :)

  4. You're a woman of the world, but I think our friends and I will be very happy to see you back home once and awhile. You're such a sweet friend. :D

  5. Subhanallah indahnya. bikin kangen selalu ya mba :)

  6. Hello there,
    What lovely places.
    We always miss home when we're away and the moments about home will never be forgotten no matter where we are. I hope you can reunion with your love ones again in Indonesia. I know the feeling when missing them ❤️.
    Take care, I'd love to read your story again.

  7. Mak Indah.. poto2nya selalu cakep seperti biasanyaa ;)

  8. The skies are gorgeous! I could sit and stare and them all day!

  9. Wow what beautiful water and skies! TFS the pretty photos!
    Julie xo

  10. Such pretty pictures. i am hoping to see the same sky at the beach soon!

  11. Subhanallah..awannya keren banget mak indah..Lampung...Indonesia keren bangettt

  12. nanti kalau ke Lampung lagi aku di ajak ya mbaaak


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