Cherry Blossoms at Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan

Before enjoying spring in New York City, I was privileged to see the cherry blossoms at Ueno Park, while I was Tokyo, Japan.
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Ueno Park has been famous to be one of the most favorite places to enjoy cherry blossoms.
And I chose this place to stay over as it is the last stop of Skyliner, the fast train taking us to and from Narita International Airport.

Located at Japan, 〒110-0007 Tokyo, Taitō, Uenokoen, 5−20(as I copied from Google Maps), Ueno Park covers quite a huge area to explore. It have several museums in the surrounding area and more temples as well as shrines to explore. It also has big pond and famous Zoo here. Too bad I only have limited time so I didn't manage to see them all.
But if you want to see the 'old' Japan, with more traditional houses and temples and less skyscraper buildings, then Ueno will be the perfect place for you.

And back to the cherry blossoms!
Be it in the morning, or at night, sakura is forever beautiful.
Those pinkies, rather small petals are fully blooming in a beautiful way.
It looks fragile, yet it stands the test of the wind.
For only the strong one stay and bloom.
Pretty much the survival test of nature.

When I arrived in Ueno on the first leg of my flight, it was already dark. It was only 5.30 but the sun set already and it was dark. Yet as I stepped out of Ueno Park, it was bright  as lights from the neon signs illuminated the pinky flowers dotting the trees. I stopped there, lining up with others as people started taking photos and selfies with the cherry blossoms.

Here's the map of Ueno Park:

Some tips for enjoying cherry blossoms:

1. If you happen to be around, make sure you come down here early in the morning before the park is packed with people, especially in beautiful, warmer days. I came to the park at 7.30 AM and it was beautifully serene, with a few joggers and runners joining me. 

2. Makes sure you wear your comfortable shoes as you can walk along the park and it was quite a distance. And mind you, Ueno park is huge, covering many temples, museums, statues, shrines, ponds and even Zoo. As for the cherry trees, it is lining up from Shitamachi Museums to Tajo-Ten jin Shrine/Hanazono Inari Shrine.

3. Get ready to line up. Many people want to enjoy the cherry blossoms as well so people tend to line up neatly and take their turn politely, considering that many people love to do the same.

4. If you have allergies to pollen or similar substances, better stay away of course. Or if you still can tolerate it (and I do know people who have allergies but still can enjoy cherry blossoms to certain extent), better get yourself prepared with the medicine needed.

5. Thinking of having a picnic? Bring the mat and the food you love to have or snatch them from the nearby restaurants or cafes. Well, when I came here the cherry blossoms were not fully blooming so I didn't see too many people yet. By the way, I found the Ueno Station has a great bakery and the pastries are exquisite. I bought some from there and they are yummy indeed.

4. And finally, don't forget your camera and/or your phone. Sometimes we get so excited about seeing something new we forget the important things. Well, that happened to me before.

So, enjoy the cherry blossoms and cheers.

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  1. so beatifull mba *_* someday aku bisa liat langsung aamiin yang kenceng

  2. pretty flowers! and people want to see it directly..

  3. Pantesan banyak yang pengen banget lihat sakura, ya. Abis cantik gitu bunganya :)

  4. So gorgeous, and beautifully photographed!

  5. Aku sellau suka dengan foto sakura alias cherry blossom ini. Semoga suatu hari nanti bisa main ke jepang

    1. Beneer mba... catnip banget litany langsung. Padahal aku udah liat di NYC juga hehe

    2. Oh my..the auto text in Safari is super annoying :))

  6. So delicate ... divine pictures!

  7. Aaahhh cantiknya sakura Jepang. Pinknya indah betul.

  8. we will have it here soon as well, right ma

  9. Selalu indah sebuah bunga dilihat dari manapun ya.

  10. bisa lihat sakura langsung adalah hal yang sangat menyenangkan... seru bangeet

  11. pretty sakura..people's favorite for spring.

  12. I really hope to see Japan's Cherry Blossoms some day. While we would love to go next spring, I heard trying to plan around the blooming of the blossoms is really hard to do since it can vary depending on how the season's temperatures are going. Fingers crossed we make it in time, because I am sure that they are even lovelier in person. You did get some gorgeous shots to admire until then :)

  13. Sangat cantik. Anda telah menangkap bunga sakura itu dengan indah sekali.

  14. 'tis perfectly normal to be one week in Japan, one in NY, the other in New Caledonia... yep, perfectly normal :)))

  15. It's all so very pretty! I like pink on trees. Certainly puts me in the mood for spring.


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