Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Another week is here and October has arrived!

let's fight #breastcancer together!

Just when I thought the end of September will be nicer to me, I was completely wrong.
I was again swept out by some emergency issues at the office and there goes my weekend.
Gone with the wind.

But as expected, the sessions for all the UN Main Committee (1 to 6) has kicked in.
My head is with the 4th Committee now, but tons of 3rd Committee works are waiting.
My apologies for all my UNGA talks :).

How's your week?

I managed to sneak out to Corona Park in Quees, waved goodbye to friends who are going back to Indonesia for good and celebrate National batik Day at the office. I was wearing the pink Batik from Papua, in honor of the October Breast Cancer month and Papua, my belovedland of peace.

 And as this is October, the month for Breast Cancer, I would definitely dedicate some posts for the fight against breast cancer! 
I have once again submitted my team to walk and raise donation for cancer.org by joining Making Strides against Breast Cancer at Central Park, October 15, 2017. 
Please join me and help support our fight against breast cancer.
Check out my page HERE and any support and donations are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated :)

Kicking-off breakfast for Making Strides against Breast Cancer

I visited my oncologist last week for my monthly check ups and we are discussing a lot about some of the side effects of the cancer-suppressant pill that I took for the last couple of years. I do have some complaints with my bones and joints. Will share more about it! 

Now, let me invite you to join Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls!

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  1. October is here! Cant wait for the Fall foliage..

  2. Hope it gets better for you, dear! Ever since the bombing of my country back in 1999. by USA and NATO the cancer rates have risen dramatically among our citizens, even among children because we were bombed by uranium bombs. It is almost on a level of cancer epidemics

    1. Thank you Dezzy..it's 3 years after the diagnose so I am still under close observation

  3. Thank you Indah for picking my Halloween wreath to be featured this week! Much appreciated!

  4. Kainnya bagus Mama Bo, yang di foto paling atas.

  5. Sorry you've been so swamped with work. You look very festive though!

  6. Such a strong woman you are. Lots of work, but you still handle it well.

    1. I am lucky I have those beloved family and friends..

  7. Sorry to hear you haven't had much free time to yourself and your joints are giving you issues. You are such a strong warrior, Indah. Through everything, you always manage to keep smiling xoxo

  8. October is here... Rain is here...:(
    Good luck for you with October tasks:)
    Thank you for hosting.

    1. I hope it won't be raining all the time down there, Klara...wait for the rainbow after the rain!

  9. Amazing amount of links ~ Wow and what a wonderful, colorful and creative post ~ thanks ^_^

    A ShutterBug Explores ~ aka ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  10. what a festive!
    Keren-keren semuanya euy!!

  11. October is here! Stay healthy everyone..

  12. That does look like a room full of strong people!


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