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What a week..

It's been a lovely week filled with fabulous couture fashion for me and the kids. As I have shared before, 2016 Couture New York Fashion week is on and we have Anniesa Hasibuan's team with her exquisite collection, PearlAsia.

The show was a great success and I can say NYC loves Anniesa's intricate designs. Will share more on my blog soon on this :)

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Co-Host Christine Mello / Must Love Home / How To Cut Your Grocery Bill By Hundreds Do you dream of ways to save more money on groceries for your family? For many of us, our food bill each month is only second to our mortgage or rent. Follow these smart tips and see your grocery budget stretched by hundreds of dollars. Tw | Bl | In | FB | Pin Divider 989321gyey13hzitBring-Spring-Into-Your-ome-Pantone-Colors-2016 
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Tekwan - Indonesian Spicy Fish Soup 
♥Co-Host Indah / My Purple World /Tekwan - Indonesian Spicy Fish Soup/In a subzero weather like this, nothing beats a bowl of yummy soup made with love :). And Indonesia has a huge variety of delicious-till-the-last-drop soups, including Tekwan, the spicy fish ball soup 
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Co-Host Susan B Mead /Relationship - Commitment or Facebook Comment? Are you trying on your relationship or tying the know? Is it a commitment or simply a Facebook comment? Or a covenant made to last a lifetime? Tw | Bl | Fb | In | Pin
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Co-Host Pick by Christine Ryan of A Sprinkle of This and That / Penny Lane / Lighter Chicken Burrito Bowl
Co-Host Pick Sara-Ann Hamlin of Living Intentionally Simple/ LivingLavida Holoka/Mint Macha Marble Loaf
Co-Host Pick by Christine Mello of Must Love Home / Our Peacful Planet/ Organize Office Supplies in Style
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Co-Host Pick by Indah of My Purple World/ Living On Cloud Nine/ Red Velvet Cookies
Co-Host Evija Roberts of From Evija With Love Worthing Court/How To Make a Rustic Ladder
Ladder Back Scarf Rack
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  1. Those dresses are elaborate and magnificent! Can't wait to see more!

  2. I love watching fashion shows. Their outfits are so elegant.

    1. Likewise, Alissa...they have great collections this year..

  3. Mbak Indah, senang ya bisa menikmati hasil karya anak Indonesia di NYC, jadi kangennya terobato dengan pakaian-pakaian yang luar biasa cantiknya.

  4. Mamabo aiih, itu foto tekwan malahan yg nyuri perhatianku. Hihi...

  5. Karya anak bangsa Indonesia memang luar biasa. Jadi inget dengan Jember Cashion Carnaval :)

    1. iya beneeer mba...desainer Indonesia memang keren-keren :)

  6. Indah.. ini kalo kita yang make kayak pengantin kali ya?

  7. Kelihatan wah ya gaunnya. Aku belum pernah lihat fashion show langsung.

  8. sekali2 mama bo gitu yg jalan di catwalk..hihihiihi...

  9. Aku kalau jalan di catwalk kayak ayam katek jadinya hahaha
    Pendek banget, paling cuma sepinggangnya si model

  10. Aiihhh jadi kangen catwalk lagi hahahaaaaa..... *dikemplang massal

  11. Pernah liat penangkaran mutiara di laut lombok. Gak nyangka akan semewah dan megah ini saat dipakai... weoweee

  12. DIY rak sepatunya bagus mbak, unik bisa aku ikutin buat di taruh di teras

  13. Linky partynya banyak banget in ya mbak keren

  14. karya anak bangsa yang keren banget :)

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