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Welcoming February on colors!

February is soon coming and we certainly have a lot on our plates, when it comes to works.

Welcome to T2 Wellington

But before heading to that subject, I just have to tell you that I have been falling in love with T2, one of the tea shops in New Zealand. Besides the fact that it provides incredible teas from around the world, including from Indonesia, this place has an awesome collection of tea wares and I am talking about those cute cups, tea pots, tea for one or two, mugs, mug with infuser, tea spoon, tumblers and more. I guess I will definitely have a dedicated post for that!. So far, I managed to snatch 2 sets of cups and tea pot for one, all in purple hues. Good thing it comes in sales! God know when I will visit that place again. More likely soon LOL.

Aren't they all cute!

The new Ambassador, H.E. Madame Fientje Maritje Suebu, will be officially submitting her Letter of Credence to the Governor-General and the Commander-in-Chief on New Zealand soon. We are super excited to welcome the new Ambassador, especially since the previous Ambassador, H.E. Tantowi Yahya has left Aotearoa on the last week of December 202. We are also so proud that Ambassador Suebu is the first female Ambassador originating from Papua province and she is such a seasoned diplomat who has been stationed in many parts of the world.

On the personal side, both our kids have been admitted to the school we have been aiming. Bo will go to Wellington College and Obi will be in the normal school near the office. Again, we are super excited as well and now we are making sure that the kids will get their school supplies, including uniforms for Bo and all the complete set of it. Good thing we have everything just a click away and the school supplies have been listed according to the kids' level. Very convenient indeed.

Anyway, we had so much fun last weekend. As we celebrated the Wellington Anniversary day on January 24th, Monday is off here in New Zealand and we went outdoorsy on Saturday and Monday. We walked again at Rimutaka Crossing and headed to Lavender Abbey in Casterton, where we had our late lunch picnic under the trees. Then we stopped by at Kaitoke Regional Park to cool down at the Pakuratahi river where the kids dipped in the cool water for a while before heading home. Then after one full Sunday off, we hiked in Sky view Walk near our house for almost 2 hours and we really enjoyed it. Super tiring for sure but the day was just beautiful and we kind of got lost in the woods. Quite an experience with the kids!

But now, let's join us on 
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  1. Pretzel enak bangetttt, aku suka :D

  2. Kalau untuk kakak yang masuk Wellington College ini butuh kelas penyesuaian lagi atau langsung disesuaikan dengan grades saat di Indonesia, kak Indah?

    Senang sekali karena semuanya perlahan tertata kembali yaa..
    Bahagia dan sehat selalu, kak Indah dan keluarga.

  3. Ya Allah mugnya lucu-lucu, seneng ya kak anak-anak mulai belajar offline kembali.

    Semoga sehat selalu dan ditunggu kisah kisah seru di Wellington.

  4. Senang banget bacanya. Cerita tempat minum teh yg colorful sampe mau boring, new Ambassador from Papua, anak-anak mulai masuk sekolah baru, jalan-jalan sekeluarga. Wellington banyak wisata alam? Emang cocok dengan Mbak Indah. Have fun, there!

  5. Mbak Indaaah ya ampuuun itu teko dan cangkir-cangkirnya cantik banget. Lucu dan gemesin. Gimana ga bikin betah kalau ke T2?

    Alhamdulillah anak-anaknya sudah diterima di sekolah yang dituju ya. Semoga lancar dan sehat selalu semuanya.

  6. Teko dan perlengkapan minumnya menarik banget, penuh warna. Lihat foto pertama langsung suka, pas baca tulisannya makin suka

  7. Penggemar teh hadiiirrr, senangnyaaa bisa eksplorasi aneka destinasi ya Mba Indah.
    Semogaaa sehat2 dan bahagia selaluuu
    daku pantengin terus nih perjalanan di NZ

  8. Whoaa the tea cups are super cute. I want to have one haha. And I wonder what the hiking spots near your house look like. Have you written it before?

  9. Cute banget cangkirnya, Mbak. Kalau di sana ada tradisi minum teh gak, Mbak? Pengen tau deh ulasan lengkap ttg T2

  10. Sehat selalu mbak Indah disana, btw mau join tapi takut gak konsisten mbak...maklum masih ngurus bocil yang ampun dech...semoga semangat mbak Indah bisa nular

  11. naksir banget sama perelngkapan ngeteh nya kak..tea pot, cangkir..cute banget.. Pasti betah berlama-lama di T2 dan pengen borong juga deh kayaknya

  12. Semangat ya kakak di sekolah yang baru yaaa..Mbak Indah ternyata pindah ke NZ ya..semoga lancar ya Mbak Indah..tokonya cantik banget sih, peralatan minum tehnya unyu semua bikin betah berlama-lama di sana...

  13. Cantik cantik ih itu cangkir tehnya... jadi pengin punya buat di rumah haahaa... tapi belinya jauh banget ya ke NZ.

    Wow... welcome for the new ambassador. Semoga selalu sukses kinerjanya dan mewakili berbagai kepentingan Indonesia di NZ.

  14. february is my month nih mba. aahh can't to welcoming my month with full of love and lot of bless.. btw aku juga suka pretzel lho

  15. Mba, senangnya punya tempat baru dan aku doakan mba semakin betah ya mba. Dan semoga juga banyak teman dan akrab. Moga bisa kesana

  16. Ternyata Bo udah mau kuliah. Semangat juga buat Obi di sekolahnya. Btw, udah lama gak ngeteh dengan cangkir yang cantik kaya gitu. Lumayan bikin santai di tengah banyak pekerjaan

  17. Mbak itu botol tumblernya lucu banget sih ijo gitu :) malah gagal fokus ya aku baru buka blognya.
    Aku diajak ke T2 dong mbak nanti ya :) Pasti seru ya lihat koleksi tea post dan pernak pernik lainnya yang berhubungan dengan tea.

  18. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya nemu toko tea shops yang cocok dengan selera mbak indah. Tea cupnya emang lucu ya, dan gambarnya menarik. Kayaknya agak besar juga ya tea cupnya, apa karena efek gambar aja ya?

  19. Maaf Mb aku salah fokus malah ngeliat cangkir cantiknya. Warna nya khas dan bikin ceria apalagi yang minum pake gelas itu yah. Pasti heppy

  20. Wah penasaran, KLO ngelanjutin ke Wellington College itu bisa lanjut grade dari Indonesia nggak mbak?

  21. Eyaampun Mbak Indah, cantik-cantik banget cangkirnya. Duh bikin kepengen ngoleksi deh 😍

  22. Dubes Indonesia yang baru di sana tu cewek ya mbak ternyata? Tolong koreksi kalau keliru hehe
    Wah alhamdulillah anak2 udah menemukan sekolah ya. Semoga segalanya dimudahkan dan anak2 jg senang berkegiatan di sekolah barunya ya :D

  23. Pengalaman yang tak tergantikan pada saat liburan di NZ kemarin, ya. Dan tak terasa kini udah Februari aja.

    Nice, tema yang indah. Penuh dg aura cinta dan sayang. 😍

  24. gelasnya cantik unik estetik, pas banget buat suguhan teh anget nya,,
    sehat selalu ya mba...sekeluarga bahagia aamiin..

  25. Ya ampun itu gelas tehnya cute banget, sih. Punya satu set yang kayak gitu, gak bakalan saya pakai. Bakal saya pajang di almari kaca ��.


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