5 Amazing Benefits of Vegetable Food

Can you think of a food group so powerful that it can help you lose weight, reduce risk of cancer, makes you look younger, strengthen your bones and also have been attributed with living longer? Now, Imagine that this group of food tasted good, is also readily available and relatively inexpensive. You can’t think of anything? No, it is not a dream. It is a reality and this food group is known as vegetables.

“Eat your vegetables!” is a directive that you have mostly heard your whole life. The importance of vegetables in a diet cannot be overlooked. Vegetables come across as quite amusing as they are packed with healthy nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E and K. there are so many varieties of vegetables and so many vitamins and minerals to be had. Falafels are the best example. If you ever have the pleasure to visit Dubai and don’t try falafel there, then it’s a shame. The best falafel in Dubai can be found in the numerous restaurants spread out in the city.

The nature of vegetables and the nature of human health are matched up in a way that simply cannot be duplicated by other food groups. Vegetables can benefit your health in a number of surprising ways. Some of the five benefits are listed below:

1.     Lowers Blood Pressure

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   People, who include vegetables in their diets daily, automatically have normal blood pressures due to higher intake of potassium-rich foods. People suffering from high blood pressure should include stuff up their plates with vegetables as potassium helps lower blood pressure which leads to less stress and anxiety. Meat and most of the animal food have little to no potassium and actually raise blood pressure.
2.     Lowers Cholesterol
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      Many people suffer from high cholesterol nowadays, as their diets are messed up. One of the main benefits of including vegetables in your daily diet is that it lowers cholesterol. Most people have no idea that plants contain no cholesterol. People should balance the intake of fat whether you are a vegan or not, consuming vegetables is one of the easiest ways to lower ones’ cholesterol.

3.     Lowers Chances of Cancer

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     Cancer is a dreadful disease that we are fighting with no immediate cure. So, fighting with it from the very beginning is the answer. People who have proper intake of vegetables in their diet are less likely to suffer from cancer. A low fat, whole vegetable diet is the number one way to improve your chances at avoiding cancer risks. Many animal foods have been linked to cancer. 

4.     Better blood sugar

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      Nowadays many people of the young generation are suffering from diabetes because their diets are not balanced. The best way to fight high blood sugar is to eat more fiber. It slows down the absorption of sugars in the blood stream and as a result it helps to improve your hunger all day long and it balances your chemical levels that cause stress. Animal foods have been linked to raise blood sugar. 

5.     Weight Loss

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Many people are not aware of this fact but one of the best benefits of having vegetables in your diet is that it helps in weight loss. If you are consuming a whole food, plant-based diet, you are going to lose weight. Weight loss naturally occurs when you consume more fiber, vitamins, nutrients and minerals that can be found in vegetables than you do in animal foods and proteins. So, having lots and lots of vegetables in your diet is essential.

You should consume lots of vegetables in your diet daily as they are crucial for your health. Many benefits of vegetables are mentioned above. When you are having proper intake of vegetables in your diet you will also experience less constipation, better sleep along with less inflammation and lesser chances of diabetes. If you are turning towards vegetables altogether, be sure you choose clean products to optimize all of these benefits.

About The AuthorRachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates and restaurants with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner.


  1. maaf saya tak pandai bahasa Inggris, tapi mungkin yang saya tangkap dari post ini, mengenai sayuran yang sangat baik untuk kesehatan, ya saya penyuka sayuran, semoga kita sehat selalu

  2. yeah that's right vegetable is good things for health beside that we should take an exercise. So our body will be balance

  3. veggies are always great...now how to eat them all the time is the struggle :)

  4. #3 can only be true if it's organic. pesticides are known to cause cancer. anyway, former pres. george h.w. bush must attribute his long life to eating a lot of broccoli. :)

  5. Hidup sayur mayur...
    Gak salah saya banyak makan sayur. Semacam diajarin juga oleh orang tua, istilahnya dijejelin lalapan sejak kecil.


  6. I definitely need more veggies in my life!!

  7. Dulu waktu kecil musuhan banget sama sayur, tapi alhamdulillah pas gede jadi pemakan segala sayur, hehehe


  8. masalahnya adalah, mentok olahan sayur...pecel...capcay..oseng...hhihi

  9. I've been a vegetarian since last July and don't miss meat at all anymore. It was hard at first, but now I don't even think about it. There are so many great benefits to eating more veggies daily!

  10. I hope this information will really help some young bloods who is spoiling their lives by eating junk foods...Thank you for sharing.


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