WW: Fall Foliage at Lake Tiorati, NY

Enjoying Fall?

Me, too!
Definitely love to drive around the Seven Lakes Drive to enjoy Fall foliage this year.

We stopped by near Lake Tiorati, New York, to enjoy the falling leaves..

so serene...

Simply can't get enough of the lovely ambience we saw along the way.

beautiful colors..

feels like taking pictures all the time :)

how do you enjoy your Fall?

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun bloghopping :)


  1. Danaunya cakep bangeet, Mama Boo. ;)
    Selamat Hari Blogger Nasional ya, Mama Boo!

  2. masyaallah indahnya pemandangan itu, seindah namamu mbak, hehe

  3. Those were some really pretty views on your drive. I always love to drive around and see the changing colors each fall.

  4. romantis kalau ada falling leaves. Pemandangannya cantik, Selamat Hari Blogger Nasional Mbak Indaah

  5. Di Indonesia adakah yang seperti itu? Rasanya Ingin sekali datang yang penting tak jauh, soalnya capek hehe

  6. feels like taking pictures all the time :)
    pastinya aku pun akan begitu juga, cantiiiik

  7. Mba Indahhhh, foto2nya keren bangetttt... kapan yah aku bisa ke sana ;p

  8. Haaduuh kapan ya bisa kesana trus selfiee :)

  9. Beautiful autumn foliage - I'll check back with you next Wednesday. I see you particpate in Wordless Wednesday. I try to do that often - of course, I'm rarely wordless!

  10. Wow - the blue and fall colours are stunning!

  11. Waaw, bagus banget tempatnya yah.. Kapan nih saya nak kesana?

  12. woooww..that so beautiful.. i like it :-)


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