25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Being one of the most ratified UN Convention with 193 countries are already Parties to this Convention,  CRC has certainly brought many significant changes to the lives of children all over the world. Not only those young generations, I suppose,  but also for all of us, the adults.

The best interest of the child is indeed at the center of our attention when it comes to the fulfillment and the promotion of the rights of the child. Something that looks very managable on paper, but yet proves to be challenging on the ground. Many kids are not fortunate enough to enjoy some basic necessities like staple food, access to health, decent clothes, schools and education, or even the warmth and love of family. And they don't always live in poor or less developed countries nor even in conflict areas, but rather in developed and rich countries as well.

So regardless of that, sometimes I keep thinking that we all know what we have to do to ensure the world we live in is a world fit for children. But in many circumstances,  those simple steps are somehow missing and left  our promises to the children unfulfilled.

Against this backdrop,  UNICEF is tirelessly working on raising the awareness and unifying our efforts in galvanizing the global movement towards the betterment of the children's rights. One of the recent project being initiated is #IMAGINE project, officially launched during the 25th anniversary of the CRC at the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations Headquarter here in NY.. 

The 25th anniversary of the CRC...

#IMAGINE is an innovative and the largest sing-along project to raise awareness about the children's rights globally. Digitally powered by TouchCast, we can simply download TouchCast, sing the icinic song of Imagine with John Lennon and many superstars as well as UNICEF Ambassadors, including Katy Perry,  David Guetta and more.  Feel free to click http://imagine.unicef.org/en/ for more details on this lovely project.

I happened to attend the official launch of #IMAGINE program. Starting early in the morning, prior to the official celebration of the 25th anniversary of the CRC at the same venue. 

With my dearest colleague, Rima, during the event...

It was indeed a grand celebration, beautifully opened by mini instrumental quartet solemnly playing Imagine, John Lennon's one and only legendary song.

Imagine beautifully played in the Hall...
Along the way, many have contributed through speeches, songs, video presentation and even dance... all related to the beautiful world of children and how we need to continue our works in ensuring that our children fully enjoy their rights. To grow, to play, to explore their true potentials...

It was indeed a merry celebration and we have so many outstanding guests, including Angelique Kidjo

such an amazing singer!

 We also have Bjorn Ulvaeus, one of the vocalist of legendary ABBA (remember this band? with hits songs like Mammamia, Dancing Queen, Chiquitita, Fernando and moree...). I just found out that the royalty of Chiquitita song, which means little girl, has been donated by ABBA to UNICEF as well!

Then we have Hugh Jackman (yaaa...Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine :) ), welcoming the Executive Director of UNICEF in this event...

say hi to Wolverine...

And of course, Ms. Yoko Ono, the wife of lat e John Lennon, who strongly support the #IMAGINE project I mentioned above.

Ms. Yoko Ono...

All in all, I sincerely hope this message of love and hope for all our children in the world can be disseminated.  If you are interested to donate, head to UNICEF's website and see how we, you and I, can actively contribute to this noble cause. For a better world and brighter future of the children...


  1. acaranya meriah banget ya mak,,,mak indah emang keren deh,,,

    1. iya maaak...soalnya peringatan 20 tahun Konvensi Hak Anak :)

  2. Kita disini semua dukung Unicef Mak, providing the best vaccine from Bandung for children all over the world heheheh. Sttt dulu aku cuman lewat doang gedung ini. Pernah jadi ketua RT di Riverside Drive soaleeee.. salam untuk Hudson River ya Mak...

    1. sama dong maaak...aku juga dukung UNICEF Indonesia fully :)...jadi ketua RTnya tahun berapa maaak :)...nanti aku salamin yaah, tapi East River aja yang deket hehehe..kalau Hudson agak jauh :)

  3. What an amazing event shedding light on such a worthy cause! It is my hope that some day all children will have access to basic necessities of life!

    1. I'm so lucky to be able to join this event...I have the same hope and that's why I support UNICEF :)

  4. What a great event! unicef is a great organization!

    This semester my older students are doing a campaign for a non-profit org. Next week they present. It's good to see what they come up with. They have to do a flyer, a mailer (of some kind), a small giveaway type item, a blog (which I teach them how to do), a billboard (or other type of environmental graphic), and they can do a facebook page with their social media buttons (which I teach them how to do). I try and get them to do the smaller, local non-profits just because they could use their work more. At one point in time I did have unicef on the list.

    Seeing those stars in person would be cool!

    1. You're rite...Unicef is indeed a great organization. With many issues related to children happening all over the world, Unicef is becoming one of the leaders in this noble cause. You're doing an amazing job as well with the students! I love to see their creativity and energy in doing those works...

  5. Wooow! The elegant and super inspiring Ms Onooo! Wish I were there. Langsung nyelinap sm Madam Indah poto2 sm Yokooo.


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