Four Freedom Park, Roosevelt Island

On the ocassion of the Human Rights Day, we had a commemorative event at the Four Freedom Park at Roosevelt Island, NYC.

Long Island City a far..
It was my first visit to the Park, although we had visited Roosevelt Island before. A bit tricky to find this place first because there are many construction works around the area. But if you take the cable car from Manhattan, it will be easier to find this spot.

With Mr. FDR :)

at the end of the island..

There is a bust of Franklin D. Roosevelt and a quote of his famous 'four freedom' speech.

the UN on the other side
And from there, we can see the United Nations as well as the Queensboro Bridge.

Queensboro bridge and lines of cherry trees..

And the blue sky is enticingly beautiful.

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the  amazing blue sky from different parts of the world. 


  1. Amazing.. Indah bingits foto foto nya mba, btw mba Indah gak pasang GFC ya? Mau ku follow biar bisa saling follow2an gitu mba hehehe :)

    1. thanks...kalau diadd di blogroll bisa langsung kok, plus dapet updatenya..atau dengan Google Plus frined juga okee :)

  2. Keren banget pemandangannya ya Mba... panorama pantai yang diselingi dengan gedung2 bertingkat tinggi...

    1. ini salah satu spot unik di NYC...ada semua, pohon lengkap, gedung menjulang juga banyak

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks mba Titi..the day was beautiful indeed..

  4. Replies
    1. the park is strategically situated in a lovely place :)

  5. Sepi banget ya? Tapi breathtaking. Nggak ada orang2. Belum pernah lihat yg unyel2an orang jalan kaki & ada yellow cab-nya :))

  6. orang-orangnya pada kemana ya mama bo? kalo di film2 kayaknya rame dan semua serba sibuk dan jalan cepat2 gitu disana.. dan selalu baca koran sambil jalan. Tapi langitnya bersih bangetttttt... suka

  7. What a lovely view! I will have to check out this park the next time I am down there.

  8. Mama Bo, cakep banget view-nya. Mupeeeeng bisa ke sana. :D


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