WW: Reminiscing of the Past - United Nations Headquarters New York City

"No Violence" sculpture welcoming you to the UN Headquarters in NYC

Hi everyone.

The High Level Week of United Nations General Assembly for its 76th session has started. And some of the world's attention are directed to the Big Apple, where the UN Headquarters is located. This year, the meetings were conducted in hybrid way, a combination of online platform, pre-recorded messages and physical presence at the UN General Assembly Hall. More than 100 head of states and/or governments have confirmed their presence in this august body, together with smaller entourage obviously. For sure, strict health protocol is fully observed at all times. 

The view of Long Island City seen from the UNHQ building

Like last year, I didn't travel to New York City to attend the meetings as we have many restrictions due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, we continue to provide support from Jakarta and I have to admit, I do miss visiting the UNHQ in these crazy days.

There are times when we were constantly moving around and being mobile, exploring different corners of the UN and preparing meetings or anything that popped out. It was extremely exhausting but rewarding at the same time. I made so many friends, learnt tremendous amount of substantive issues and beneficial skills, particularly in negotiation and communication, and had the time of my life here.

So, now, I would like to rekindle my memories and share some of the snaps I took during the many sessions of UN General Assembly that I have attended so far, starting from 2014 - 2019.

Most of the photos I have here were taken during the special High Level Week session of the UN GA, where New York City, particularly the area around the UN and Midtown Manhattan, temporarily turns into a circus. It all was caused by the high-level security arrangement the US and the UN have in order to welcome and ensure the safety and the well-being of many prominent world leaders, including POTUS himself.

Some of the following pictures were taken from the UN Security Council, particularly when Indonesia was the President of the Security Council in May 2019. I was privileged to be part of the team here.

Then let me take you to the Indonesian Lounge in the UNHQ. Not many country's name was dubbed as the name of the lounge or the room in this building so I am super proud to take you here. Interested to know why it is named after my country? I wrote the story about Indonesian Lounge at the UN HQ here: Indonesian Lounge at the UN Headquarters.

And of course, the amazing art works and installations you can find around the area, be it inside or outside of the UNHQ building. The clear blue sky, the calming East River and astonishing city line are my favorite as well. Well, enjoy!

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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

President Joko Widodo delivered his speech in the High Level Week of UNGA 76th Session

Here comes another week in September.

September has always been one of the busiest months in our year. Work wise, it is the peak season of United Nations General Assembly. Series of high - level meetings have been scheduled, packed with the delivery of the main statement by our president, sidelined by various high-level summit, commemoration, meetings and more. 

My dear friend Sindy in one of the UNGA meetings

Our delegation to New York is headed by Her Excellency Minister Retno Marsudi. We have rather small entourage considering the pandemic here, but the works are still abundant as the meetings attended by her are a lot as well. Again good thing we have the great team and together we prepare those meetings one by one. Issues ranging from the pandemic, vaccines, climate change, global conflicts, and more are on the agenda, causing a bit of a tsunami in terms of work load. But then again, it is always interesting to hear updates and more deliberation on the issues at hands.  Again, wish us luck.

More over, we are working steadily in the packing department. It's a back-and-bone-breaking work but we are making progress indeed. Super happy yet super tired at the same time. But I guess everything is as expected and hopefully we are ready to depart to Wellington, New Zealand at the scheduled time.

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WW: Taman Laut Olele, Gorontalo, Indonesia

welcome to  Taman Laut Okulele, Gorontalo, Indonesia

Hi everyone.

More photos and stories from my recent trip to Gorontalo, northern part of Sulawesi island, Indonesia.

On my second day of diving trip here, we were visiting Olele at Bonebolanga area. This place is famous for its underwater garden, Olele. One of the unique underwater plants we can find here is the typical, one-of-a-kind soft coral sponge famously called Salvador Dali because it looks like Dali's famous painting. Besides, its pristine walls and soft corals are intact, providing comfy homes for various school of fish and underwater creatures. 

We drove from Amaris Hotel Gorontalo, our hotel, to Olele, for around 1 hour. The road was curvy yet beautiful as you can see the Bone river and the gulf of Tomini. 

Here are some photos I took in the area and tell me whether you enjoy it as much as I do.

The famous Salvador Dali sponge in Taman Olele. 
Beautiful sponge, don't you think?

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