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Spring at Madison Square Park, NYC

Enjoying spring so far?
Just like me then.
I hope you won't have issues with pollen and allergies during this colorful season, so that you can enjoy it fully.

Madison Square Park
don't you just love it!

I went strolling around the Flatiron and Madison Square Park a few weeks ago.
I always love this area as it has beautiful park, Flatiron as one of the NYC landmark, and Eataly, one of my favorite stores and restaurants. 
The Madison Square Garden itself is a public park located in Flatiron and NoMad area.
Officially opened as a public park in 1847, the Park dubbed its name from President James Madison, who was heading the US in 1814.

NoMad itself stands for North of Madison Square Park and it's quite self-explanatory.
Boosted with hip hang-out places, cool cafes and beautiful garden, this park is indeed one of my favorite as it's not that from my office.

Madison Square Park
Love the blooming flowers

This spring, this park is blooming with beautiful flowers and art works!
I truly enjoy lovely hydrangeas, hollies, redbuds, and more here.
Chirping birds singing happy songs make it even more magical.
Feels like strolling around the garden of eden!

We can also see Empire State Building, another landmark of the Big Apple, from different angles here.
I just love to experience with my phone and take pictures here and there.

And as you can see, it was a beautiful spring day.
Although the sky was not that blue, but the popping colors from the trees, potted plants and the surroundings really boost up my spirit!
Who wouldn't love those rose tulips coming in different shades.

And there, as you walk around the corner, you will see the Flatiron standing majestically.
I have taken pictures of Flatiron so many times, including Flatiron in Black and White posted before, but still it never fails to amaze me whenever I'm around. 
So here's another shot of this cool architecture only for you, with grayish sky in the backdrop.
Looking at all this beautiful part of the world, I can't stop admiring My Lord for all His blessings and kindness.

"So remember Me; I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me."
Al Quran, Al-Baqarah: 152 

 So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?
Ar-Rahman 55:13

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the beauty of the skies from all over the world 

Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Hope everyone is having a great week, wherever you are!
Spring is still around and beautifully color the city.

We have been observing Ramadhan and so far everything runs well.

NYC has been very friendly indeed, in terms of weather.
We had Iftar, or breaking the fasting together, at Al Hikmah, Indonesian Community Mosque in Astoria last weekend. It's a great opportunity for us to meet others and keep our sillahturahmi, our  friendship as well as brotherhood and sisterhood.


Other than that, my hubby and I have been rigorously packing and packing and packing.
We have decided to bring 40" container back home and bring our 'home' here back to Indonesia.
I am super tired yet so excited.
Meanwhile, we try to enjoy New York City as much as we can.
Will certainly miss the Big Apple!

I will miss this spot indeed :)

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Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Ramadhan NYC
Ramadhan Kareem

Marhaban yaaa Ramadhan.

The Holy Month of Ramadhan is here and again, my family and I are blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy the best month in the whole year in our religion.

This will be our fifth Ramadhan here in New York City.
I have been wanting to have my Ramadhan for 2018 at home in Indonesia, always specially prepare this festive yet spiritually solemn month, but apparently that's is not the case.
So we are ready to enjoy this special month in the Big Apple, observing longer days at the end of spring and beginning of summer.
When we arrived in NYC in 2014, we started the fasting month in July. As the Islamic calender is shorter than the lunar year, we approximately have 13 days shorter every year. That’s why the beginning of Ramadhan is always changing every year.

We started our shaum or sawm or fasting with early breakfast or meal before dawn, at 3.15 AM and stopped at 4.07 AM, when Adzan for Fajr, our first praying of the day, commenced. Later on we will break the fasting when the sun sets, or maghrib, at 8.05 PM at the first week of Ramadhan and up to 8.38 PM at the end of it.

Some of you might have questioned what Ramadhan is.
Why it is important and special for Moslems and what exactly we do during Ramadhan.
One thing for sure, Ramadhan starts by the first confirmed sighting of the new moon and it lasts for about 29 days.
Ramadhan itself is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar, coming after Shaban and before Shawwal

In Ramadhan, moslems are expected to be a better, faithful worshipper by implying self-restrain. We are trying to get closer to Allah SWT by fully observing His teachings and avoiding unnecessary physical and spiritual 'toxic' of the world. 
Shaum or fasting itself is one of the pillars in Islam, which consists of, first the declaration of faith to Allah SWT, 5-times-a-day prayers, fasting in Ramadhan, paying zakat fitrah or charity, and performing pilgrimage or hajj in Mecca.

I know we have been exposed to so many sad and shocking news related to Islam and moslems in different parts of the world. With terrorists' attacks here and there, including in my home town. Some of them try to link it with Islam, but as a moslem myself, I cannot justify any violent acts taken in the name of religion.
That is not Islam, which teaches us peace, compassion, patience and peaceful coexistence with others as well.

One thing for sure, I take Ramadhan as the perfect time to purify my soul.
To be a better person, for myself, my family, my community and eventually to the world.
I hope this holy month will bring us peace, kindness and compassion.

I will be sharing more about this Holy Month and see you on the next post.

And for all my moslem sisters and brothers wherever you are, Ramadhan Kareem.