Bubur Ayam - Indonesian Chicken Porridge

Time to spend some times and create something in the kitchen.

We are in the middle of our midsummer break and away from home, but we are trying to bring the homey feeling through our favorite food. 

One common breakfast meal that you can find in Indonesia is bubur ayam - or Indonesian chicken porridge.
Have you tried it before?
I love it!

Some might find the preparation for this meal a bit complicated as bubur ayam has many condiments require to make it a complete dish. But again, it tastes wonderful so it worth all the efforts.

Back home, bubur ayam can easily be brought from the food vendor, including the  mobile one who's coming to your front door. 

Here in New York City, some authentic Indonesian restaurant has bubur ayam on their menu. 

As I love this food, I learn how to cook it properly. What makes it different from other porridge is the condiments and some spices used for this Indonesian chicken porridge. I put ginger and lemongrass to give extra flavor and aroma.

On our last trip to Pennsylvania, I had it before rowing our boat on the lake. Feels like heaven eating my favorite food while enjoying nature's beauty.

What else is needed?
Here are the ingredients:


Rice - 1 small pack or 2 cups
Chicken broth 
Ginger - slightly pressed
Lemongrass - 1 piece, slightly pressed
Shallot or red onion - thinly sliced
Salt and pepper - as desired 

For the soup:
Chicken broth
Salt and pepper - as desired

For condiments:

Boiled chicken - shredded, you can use the chicken from the broth
Scallion - thinly sliced
Kerupuk or shrimp/garlic crackers - fried
Shallot - thinly sliced and fried, or you can easily buy the ready pack at any oriental stores
Sweet soy sauce - as desired
Chili sauce - as desired 

Some love to add cakue  or like fried salty Funnel cake which make the porridge more like a chinese-style one. I don't usually add it but it's nice as well.

How to cook:

Clean the rice and add the chicken broth as well as the rice and a few cups of water in a cooking pot. I usually use 5 cups of water, including the broth. You can definitely use rice cooker as well but I prefer using the cooking pot because We need to stir it frequently until the rice has reach a certain consistency as porridge. Put the ginger and lemon grass as well as shallots and keep stirring for about 30 minutes. Once it starts getting ticker, use low heat to avoid burning. The porridge is well cooked after it's tick enough and not runny.

This is how it looks :).

For the soup, we simply make clear soup from chicken broth. If you like and you want to add some colors, you can add turmeric.

Once everything is ready, put the porridge in a bowl and give all the condiments you like on top of it.

Selamat makan.



  1. Mak, aduh lengkapnya pake kedele segala. Jarang banget makan bubur ayam selengkap ini di Malang T___T Pake pemandangan yang superb pula ... seneng ngeliatnya

  2. Setujuu mba, makan makanan kesukaan aat liburan itu surgaaa banget. Aku wkt fi aceh, makan lontong sayur di pinggir pantai, aduuh, nikmaaattt bgt.

  3. super yum. More chilies, please :)

  4. hari ini aku sarapan bubur ayam jua mbak, tapi beli hehehe

  5. Woww... mantep nih makan buryam plus pemandangannya yg aduhai banget.

  6. Bubur ayam, aku paling suka ayamnya bagian kulit yang banyak lemaknya uhuhuhh

  7. satu yang kurang mba, warna kecap nya.. aku paling suka sama chicken porridge yang lumayan banyak kecap manis nya, dan sambel nya.. beeuuhhh.. enak diliat, yummy dimakan hihihii.. btw aku follow GFC nya ya mba #170 di tunggu follback nya hehhehe..

    1. hehehe..aku ngga suka manis, makanya aku pass deh kecapnya :). Btw aku juga sudah follow GFCmu lhoo..udah lama :)

  8. Makan di samping danau, kadar selera naik 50 persen :D

  9. It looks so flavorful and filling. I'd love to try a bowl. Yum Yum!

  10. Wah ternyata ini toh bubur ayam yang saya komen di postingan tadi :D

  11. Looks interesting and filling.

  12. Kalau sarapan di hotel, apapun menunya, nggak lupa nyicip bubur ayam barang sedikit. Sukaaak. Kok ya sempet2nya bikin bubur, aku paling males ngaduknya :))

  13. This looks really delish! I pinned to make it later! Thanks for co hosting at WW...and have a super weekend! Hugs- Christine

  14. Saluuut bangeet! Masih saja sempet masak ginii, ih. Kalau Emaknya Jasmine milih beli. Hahahaha

  15. Aduh jadi laper neh mba, bubur ayam memang kesukaan banget


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